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My Adult Acne Skincare Routine: Oily Skin

2013 Adult Acne Skin Care Routine for oily skin Hello Everyone!! See I’m recording!! A bit tired but who isn’t? I’ve been getting lot’s of compliments from y…


  • It's Rosatron says:

    CHEAP Acne Coverage Foundation Routine <3 

  • makeupbyjoyk says:

    i wanna try that foundation! :P

  • It's Rosatron says:

    Cheap & Flawless Acne Coverage Routine Video 🙂 Please watch and

  • TheMissMaritza says:

    Amazing routine, girly xoxo

  • kaynadianbeauty xo says:

    You skin looks so flawless and pretty : ), btw what camera are you using?!

  • QueencessQuality says:

    Fantastic routine you got there, absolutely looks flawless in the end . 2
    thumbs way up 🙂 

  • candy1469 says:

    Considering how much consealer you put in your acne spots and blemishes, I
    HIGHLY recommend you invest in a product that actually helps and doesn’t
    contain so many ‘unhelpful’ ingredients. That consealer has nothing good in
    it 🙁 Curious which ones you’ve tried, I might be able to help 🙂 I do feel
    your ‘pain’ though about acne, it’s taken me much trial and error to fix my

  • It's Rosatron says:

    Check out my affordable foundation routine for acne prone skin :)

  • It's Rosatron says:

    Have you seen my flawless acne coverage foundation routine video? I’m using
    only affordable products ! <3 

  • It's Rosatron says:

    Flawless yet affordable Acne Coverage Foundation Routine! Please watch and
    subscribe if you haven’t already <3

  • MedusaEyes00 says:


  • Estefania Bojorquez says:

    You look good without foundwtion

  • Aubree B says:

    You look amazing!!! Great job!!!

  • Justine Elliot says:

    this concealer is awesome….thinking of buying it…along with all the ELF
    products you use in your videos!
    thanks for using affordable stuff!

  • GodsTreasure86 says:

    you are so cute :)

  • starkid elise says:

    Your eyebrows look wicked and thank you for showing a foundation that
    fights acne! :)

  • JustAs Beautiful says:

    I love love your hair!! So cute =^3^=!!! Although I would use a gray or
    clacka color instead of red for the eye brows. Anyways!!! Thanks for this
    awesome video, J.A.B

  • maheen A says:

    what is the colour of the lip product?

  • Christina Sou says:

    Hi! Nice video! Can you do a review on the concealer? And what contacts are
    you using?

  • PrettyKeli says:

    Your skin always looks amazing ^_^

  • iAmChiChi says:

    Your skin looks so good :)

  • trisha60 says:

    totally struggling with acne and im nearly 30! i hate my skin! great tips
    and video! thanks x

  • livinmybestlife says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  • aquariouschic says:

    Thanks for sharing, I really wanna try DHC skin care so bad

  • BorderHammer says:

    Sorry Guys this Google+ crap is working my LAST nerve. It won’t let me
    reply to all of you…again…but THANK YOU soooo much for your comments
    and for watching! I’ll see you soon! xo

  • Rhetta Noble says:

    Thanks for sharing. Your updo looks cute. Looking fwd to an update for your
    natural hair subbies 

  • MyNaturalMyChoice says:

    Wonderful product for acne. Awesome review! 

  • shtanah says:

    Great video!

  • mpenny226 says:

    I LOVE your personality! Thanks for sharing abt DHC. I have been looking
    for a night cream. Will check them out.

  • Alison LC says:

    I’ve noticed that the products that supposedly work for everybody, tend to
    just work okay. But the products that work really well for some people,
    work the exact opposite for other people, and vice versa. So I guess people
    just have to find their system through tests and trials. 

  • Coils of Love says:

    Check out this video on YouTube: #bordenhammer

  • mad4u19 says:

    your so funny, have me cracking up. Enjoyed your video

  • Coils of Love says:

    Love your watching videos and your such a cool chica!!! 🙂 

  • DivaNurse68 says:

    Glad to see you and thanks for vid

  • diamondsandlipgloss says:

    I use rinsed out baby wipes to dry my face & it leaves just the right
    amount of moisture; and UH UH there is a lotta moisturizer left in that
    jar.. All you need is the back of your pink nail or a q-tip to get at least
    3 more uses!!! Lol

  • brewatch says:

    Using a bit of aloe vera gel with a heavy moisturizer allows you to use
    less while ensuring the product fully covers the face. Thanks for sharing
    DHC, I am going to look them up right now!

  • gupkets says:

    i like you girl! thanks for sharing!

  • sydneexo says:

    Girl you’re skin looks amazing! I have oily/combo skin so I’m always
    excited to see what other people are using, great video, always enjoy them!

  • Lynnette Davis says:

    what is the name of the product that is an olive oil base. It was in a pump

  • G0DSGL0RY83 says:

    thanks for sharing!

  • Andrea Sargent says:

    Target sales Giovanni

  • ImNatural2 says:

    what powder are you using now?

  • Naturallycreolee says:

    Oh my gosh look who’s back


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