Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solutions Review (before and after)

Burt's Bees Natural Acne Solutions Review (before and after)

This a review video about Burt’s Bees products and their results. This is not a sponsored video and I am not a dermatologist. Thank you for watching. Please …
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Hey Guys, hope you enjoy this review on Mary Kay’s Clearproof acne system. The review is based on my actual experience. Hope you enjoy! Mary Kay Clearproof s…
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24 Responses to Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solutions Review (before and after)

  • SweetPuddingSoup says:

    You’re ridiculously pretty!!!!! Your skin tone is so lovely and you have
    such nice eyes I’m so jealous!! and cheek bones.. Ty for the review too

  • Dolly Mat says:

    A little tip for washing the face if you have acne or other skin problems
    is not to use a washcloth or rag. They hold oil and bacteria which can
    build up over time even if you wash it especially if used daily. Best to
    use cotton wool pads daily and or exfoliating pads 2-3 times a week.

  • Michelle Greaves says:

    Same here. I have had them so long it doesn’t matter to me. Most times I
    don;t even notice them. lol. I tried proactive and the works, but nothing
    actually worked. I stopped using those products and just use regular face
    wash and toner and my skin has improved.

  • Michelle Greaves says:

    The black soap was too harsh for me. I think it dried out my skin too much
    and made it broke out even more, so I stopped using that too.

  • Melissa Perdomo says:

    I like you…Hehee, ur very honest

  • silvy revmark says:

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    that you are going to find help at HEREPA. com 

  • Cristina Gonzalez says:

    Hey Holly, yes the toner can totally leave a stinging sensation. You are
    going to love this acne system. It really does work! 

  • solied carrucini says:

    Wow I have the same kit. When I started using it, it would work a little
    bit but it wasn’t really a big difference. But then later on as I continued
    using it, it just stopped working for me. So now I just use the moisturizer
    and sometimes If I have a pimple I use the toner on that area and it helps.
    But thats just how it works on me. 

  • Karis Smith says:

    I love that you said you didn’t breakout when you stopped using it for
    those few days. That’s very important. So happy that Clear Proof works for
    you. Mary Kay skincare lines are customizable. One can add anti-aging
    once their skin clear up. Learn more about Timewise Anti-aging at
    http://www.marykay.com/mybeautytime. Must not have current IBC

  • cristinaglz90 says:

    Hey Elyse Gozzard, I’m glad your using the clear proof system. Use the
    system day and night. First use the cleanser, then toner. After that use
    the moisturizer then the acne spot cream. Best of luck!!!! 

  • Ronnie Williams says:

    I feel bad now that I’m a guy and watch this channel :'(

  • Daisy Gutierrez says:

    So I just bought the Clear Proof Acne System I wanted to know how it works
    in regards of which one I do first and so on? I have the package with 4
    items (clarifying cleanser, acne treatment gel, oil free moisturizer,
    blemish control toner plus pore purifying serum)I don’t know where to start
    lol please help 

  • Cruise Love says:

    I am a new MK consultant. I just started this acne regimen and i am so
    happy tp hear such a great review about this product. Please inbox me or
    visit my webpage http://www.marykay.com/sperez-colon 

  • Sarah Wedlund says:

    This definitely works better than proactive for my skin! I just started
    using it last week and I’ve already seen a difference!

  • Edith Baez says:

    In What order do you apply them? And which ones do you wash off?(:

  • clANAnett says:

    If anyone wants to order this or any other MK products, I am a beauty
    consultant with Mary Kay and I would love to service you! Feel free to
    email me at aarzate@marykay.com and we can discuss your orders, questions
    and concerns! :)

  • Emimilykity says:

    I don’t have any issues with the toner. I apply it all over my face with a
    cotton ball after I wash my face at night and then in the morning to grab
    off any of the excess oil that built up in the night. The only issue I have
    experienced was my face becoming dry from washing with the cleansing wash
    too long in the shower, which was entirely my fault. I love this product
    line! This is by far the best treatment I’ve used that wasn’t a
    prescription and it’s been so gentle with my super sensitive skin. 

  • joana meza says:

    Mary lays has great ance products …

  • vally dinca says:

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  • Brooke Haggard says:

    I am a Mary Kay consultant and I would love to help anyone out, if you have
    any questions of would like to or any products! Thank you Cristina for your
    wonderful review!!!


  • Jenny Shaw Parolek says:

    Yay great review! The toner is Fierce! I tell my clients it’s the bomb but
    go easy like just once a day to Start off and for sure only where u r
    trying to clear up or prevent . I will share your review with both my MK
    team and my clients:)

  • SMaria Gray says:

    I’m planning to purchase it ASAP but I have the combination of acne and
    dark spots. I understand that it works for the acne but how does it work
    for dark spots? 

  • karina nava says:


  • Veronica Pinto says:

    If anyone would like to purchase this product or any products from Mary Kay
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