Blackheads and Comedone Popping! What Makes the Best Acne Video?

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12 Responses to Blackheads and Comedone Popping! What Makes the Best Acne Video?

  • melanie brandt says:

    I am a fan!!! I have been an occasional…AND an avid watcher and
    subscriber of extraction & REMOVAL YouTube. But, the organization,
    promotion and profit of these videos is ANNOYING. Just show your offerings.
    Stop the quick little clips, the spooky font and the dissatisfying

  • Shayla Meazell says:

    The worst part about popping videos is when the guy filming flips out and
    shakes the camera all around and shit while he screams like a moron. Camera
    operators need to stay focused on their subject.

  • romans8910 says:

    can’t you run that info on the bottom of the screen? it takes away from
    the video

  • Bern Richmond says:

    does it heart

  • lestrange says:

    Microscope- yes
    Out of focus= worthless
    Good lighting- yes
    A lot of pus: not as important as getting all of it out
    Sterile technique= not imperative, some amateurs do as good a job as
    doctors. But make some effort not to be filthy, if not for the video then
    just for life, you know?

  • B Bennett says:

    I am such a huge fan of pimple, cyst, and abcess popping/draining! My heart
    goes flippity flop for the ones that are steady, well lit, in focus, and
    lots of pus. Drawbacks include people gagging, screaming, not ready to
    record, or otherwise not responding to the person’s suggestions on how to
    better take care of the pus bag.

  • myla says:

    We that’s nasty 

  • lestrange says:

    Do’s and Dont’s
    Do turn off the tv and keep the dog and children quiet during filming.
    Don’t be a hyper-wiper.
    Don’t only film half the operation or show teasers like before and after
    stills or stills that aren’t even in your video.
    Don’t steal other youtubers content.
    Don’t only use 2 fingers to squeeze.
    Do use 4 fingers and get under the zit, squeeze it from below.
    Don’t try to hold the camera and squeeze at the same time. This is a 2-man
    Don’t block the view of the action with hands or tissues, or point the
    camera away from the action.
    Do empty the blackhead completely.

  • Tina Melendez says:

    I added a like because I like it

  • See Canon says:

    Yours was the arm pimple. You showed it twice. Format was lacking as was
    content. This could have been a teaser. Better luck next time.

  • lestrange says:

    What Makes the Best Acne Video?
    There are 3 main factors and they are:
    1. A good, willing and quiet patient who doesn’t jump around and whine.
    Just sit still and be quiet.
    2. A popper that knows what they are doing and is prepared with all the
    tools before filming starts. A Popper who is focused on the task and
    thorough in their work. Good popping technique and clean fingernails. Also
    not too much talking.
    3. A cameraman who gets clear, well-lit, close-up view of the action,
    keeps their mouth shut, keeps their hands steady.

  • pericles carvalho says:

    one of the worst vídeos i ever seen…so sad


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