Best Acne Treatment – New 2014 !!!

Acne Remedies Guide : Acne aka as Acne Vulgarism as far as the medically is a skin disease that engross the oil glands at the foot of t…
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21 Responses to Best Acne Treatment – New 2014 !!!

  • Noah Jones says:

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    incredible results with this method. So I got it for my grand daughter and
    now she looks beautiful… wow! google it – Brendt Shocking Acne Cure

  • Jovana Lazic says:

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  • John Micheal says:

    Last week, I bought this product. When I put on the product, I can feel the
    changes seen. And now, my face become smooth and clear from acne. Thanks,
    Acne Remedies Guide.

  • antonia zaner says:

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  • Aiman Rusydaan says:
  • Danceworksgirl MC says:

    Alamay under eye concealer

  • beautyguru010 says:

    MAC pro longwear concealer is great for under eye!

  • Nereida Ramos says:

    So much spam in these comments. Super annoying! 

  • Kat B says:

    When you started putting the primer on I was really confused cause I
    thought you were already wearing foundation BECAUSE YOUR SKIN LOOKS PERFECT

  • Nikki Larsen says:

    I want to wear a foundation but I love my freckles

  • MelGirl26 says:

    Can someone help me, when I put on my foundation, I get dry spots in my
    face. What can i do with that? I dont know what to do…. and dont want to
    put on make up anymore because u can see the dry spots… I clean my face
    every night so that is not the problem. Plz anwser It means a lot to me.


  • Anarin petchjan says:

    Why do you have to talk to much??????????

  • Julia Nam says:

    I am currently using a concealer by em cosmetics by michelle phan.
    It has such a good coverage, and it does not look cakey!

  • joomadekorea says:

    I love BBcream *_______*

  • Diana T says:

    NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

  • Juno G says:

    For undereye concealer, many people suggest maybelline age rewind, I tried
    and it works for me:)

  • Robin Wall says:

    I catch alot of different beauty gurus using products in different orders.
    In this video, she uses the foundation before her concealer. But most
    often, I’ve seen people use concealer before the foundation. So does order
    really matter, or does it really just depend on your skin? Any tips will
    help. Thanks.

  • Sam ayele says:

    You are literally the most beautiful Asian woman I have ever seen before!

  • kimichan09 says:

    So, is it better to apply the concealer beneath the foundation or on top of
    the foundation?

  • nameinlace says:

    the rimmel wake up me is a really good undereye concealer

  • angel chunsa says:

    you could try the skinfood salmon undereye concealer, its creamy and has
    great coverage, a bit heavy, but that cones with the coverage, and its
    really easy to blend out, i love it so much :3 


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