BEST ACNE PILLS?! How To Clear Skin With Vitamins, Supplements, Roaccutane & MORE! AQA#8

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24 Responses to BEST ACNE PILLS?! How To Clear Skin With Vitamins, Supplements, Roaccutane & MORE! AQA#8

  • BecomingTheIS says:


  • Rayna Garcia says:

    Right now I’m using a toner consisting of epsom salts, acv, and tea tree
    oil. It’s supposed to be great(google it) It is getting better but I really
    need to stop backtracking by picking at my skin :[ I know it would look a
    lot better if I wasn’t so anxious and frustrated with my skin. I just feel
    it’s the only way to get rid of them ;[

  • Jess Bunty says:

    Thank you for this feedback, Brittanie! I will do a vid in the future about
    it 🙂

  • pamrosina says:

    You look so pretty Jess.

  • sil3nt9 says:

    -had super dry lips that would instantly dry up even after putting on
    vaslene. Anyway it was well worth taking accutane because after that 6 week
    period all of my acne cleared up. I had a few scars and blemishes left over
    and I was tempted to carry on taking it but decided not to. A couple of
    months after that the blemishes also faded out and became normal. So yah,
    for anyone thats going through that, I suggest you talk to a dermotologist
    about accutane.

  • Jess Bunty says:

    Oh? That is a new one to me! It’s good that you have not had any side
    effects from it. Do you couple it with a topical treatment as well?

  • Jess Bunty says:

    It’s tricky to treat, but it’s good to hear you’re heading off to a
    dermatologist to chat with them about what might be the best treatment for
    you. They prescribe you birth control, or an antibiotic. They do work for
    some people. If you use them with a good topical treatment, you should have
    progress! 🙂

  • Lou J says:

    wish your videos were longer, as I can’t get enough of them! 🙂 xx

  • Jess Bunty says:

    Yeah! 😀

  • muggzy kat says:

    okay thanks! (:

  • Jess Bunty says:

    Oh my God I LOVE her! She does amazing things on The Project, wish I could
    see her live! 🙂

  • TakimiRyumi says:

    I couldn’t tell you exactly, but a google search will propbably help you
    figure it out.

  • Jess Bunty says:

    That is so cute! You should post a pic onto my facebook, I’d love to see!
    🙂 xx

  • zalnoor01 says:

    Great vid! I’d love to hear your accutane story 😀 Thanks!

  • Jess Bunty says:

    It is so tricky to find something that works, or at least something which
    gives some balance! If it worked for you before, then it might do so again.
    Maybe do a full course, like 6 months total (or maybe it’s 12? I’m not
    entirely sure, another thing to talk about with your dermatologist). Keep
    in touch!

  • Jess Bunty says:

    Aha, that sounds alright then! Yeah, I am a critter of the night, too, more
    than the day! Sunny days? Bah humbug 😛

  • Jess Bunty says:

    Oh seriously? Jeez. I haven’t heard anything about it over here, but it’s
    extremely expensive to buy, since they don’t make a generic for it.

  • Vanessa Quinones says:

    I get really bad acne before my period. but it only happens during my
    period. What would you recommend or should I go to the doctor ?

  • Kittygineer Belle says:

    Hey Neko! I just wanted to share a supplement that I use that had really
    helped me clear up my acne and blemishes! It’s called Panothetic Acid, its
    totally natural and helps you to digest fats and oils better so they don’t
    break out on your face! Def worth looking into 🙂

  • Brittanie Nery says:

    Please upload a descriptive video of your Accutane experience. How long you
    were on it, the dosage etcetc. I personally don’t have severe acne, but I
    do have oily skin. Which is my main reason as to why Ive been considering
    in taking it, to rid my skin of all this oil. I do take pretty good care of
    my skin, but I still breakout from time to time. It does get annoying, so
    yes please do a video on Accutane! xxBest Wishes~

  • 7Jasmine8 says:

    Spironlactone works

  • xoFemmeBeauty says:

    Great video Jess! Oh and I saw someone mention the Yaz side effects, I
    haven’t heard too much about that but I know Diane-35 was recently banned
    in France after being linked to blood clots and the death of 4 women (over
    the past 25 years). The TGA is currently monitoring it but women taking it
    are encouraged to talk to their doctors about it, and I know a lot have
    switched over to other pills 🙂 x

  • Nakuru89 says:

    kitteeeeen!! 😀

  • Christina V says:

    Yes, please do a video on your experience on accutane! Id love to see it 🙂


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