Beginning Doxycycline for Acne

Starting my video diary on the story and soon to be end of my acne. Its been a long time coming.

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  • SuperKTKA says:

    I just started on this today. Hope it works :)

  • DCLT05 says:

    Took Acutane back in 1997. All of the skin fell off of my face and hands.
    I was also a total emotional basketcase when I was on it…. as a 17 year
    old male. I had to have blood taken every 2 weeks to make sure that my
    liver was still functioning properly, and, to top it all off… I still get
    acne. Granted, it’s nowhere near as bad as it was before… BUT I’M 33
    NOW! Acutane is a lot of risk with no guaranteed reward… That said, it’s
    better than doing nothing…. right? 

  • Pedro Rodriguez says:

    Hi I take
    Doxycycline hyclate 100mg cap for the inflammation and to kill bacteria
    Clindamycin phosphate topical gel 1% to kill the skin acne bacteria
    Tretinoin cream 0.05% or 0.25% for bedtime to fight over night acne
    CeraVe for face wash for oily face and to be honest it change a lot if my
    acne problems and a lot of people do notice about it so that’s more

  • says:

    more sustainable in the long run… retin-a def. made me super sensitive to
    sun, products and sometimes i would flake like crazy (even when i’m already
    1 year in using retin-a) using regimen (you dont need to buy their
    pdts but just follow their steps) was the way to go but when i do get a
    cyst or two (which is really really rare now) I would use retin-a as a spot
    treatment to bring it to the surface. hope this helps… i’m not sponsored
    or paid to talk about

  • ayaruSS aya says:


  • ayaruSS aya says:

    just to share my experiences with you,i been taking doxycycline for about 6
    month and along that time my skin is like becoming super nice,i dont even
    have a single acne anymore,so my doc told me to reduce the intake to make
    the body get use to it,but unlucky for me after really stopping from taking
    this medicine my acne got worsed than before i am so sad right now and my
    derm ask me to take this pill back but considered to the side effect of
    it,like sunburn and stain my teeth i decided to stop

  • Bibituu says:

    omg ! you have the exactly same type of acne like me , i got doxycyclinum
    yesterday , i dont feel good about taking antibiotics tho , so bad for the
    body and health. Let me know what worked for you , i’ve been struggling
    with this for some time now , its pain in the ass

  • says:

    I’ve taken accutane 2 years ago. and honestly i’m on the fence about it
    still… after accutane my skin looked AMAZING. well amazing for 3 months
    post accutane and then BAM i’m back to breaking out again (def. not as bad
    as pre accutane but bad enough to the point where i had 5 cysts along my
    jaw…) and i went back to my derm and me gave me 0.1% tretinoin cream and
    that really helped stablilized my breakouts but honestly after being
    through both retin-a and accutane was def

  • ayaruSS aya says:

    but i am always hoping the best for you because maybe what had happen to me
    wont happen to others actually…


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