Before & After Accutane SEVERE Acne Progress Video [Shitty Quality]

Before & After Accutane SEVERE Acne Progress Video [Shitty Quality]

Sorry for the shitty quality. This is pretty much my face 1 month- 2 months before my medication and then my face 1-16 days after taking my first pill. As yo…
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15 Responses to Before & After Accutane SEVERE Acne Progress Video [Shitty Quality]

  • 77chonyc says:

    Accutane is super harsh on the body. Its a shame because its the only thing
    that works good for extreme cases like this one.

  • YANAMization says:

    you may be allergic to something you are eating. cut out the dairy in your
    diet. do a juice fast. 

  • tobiasfrida says:

    6 years o.o

  • MillerNastya says:

    Эта пизд*ц

  • Elizabeth Rennwanz says:

    Wow! I’m so sorry that you had to deal with that acne – acne is definitely
    one of my biggest insecurities, and you seemed very accepting of it in this
    video, which is awesome. I’m so happy for you that it began clearing up.
    Good luck with everything!

  • Vladimir says:

    i had the problem with acne just like you even bigger problem … my acne
    were size of a plumb and they would hurt a lot and sometimes they would
    explode and started to leak it was discusting and embarassing for me …
    thankfully i got rid of them now i have a clean face but im stll ugly tho

  • Cj Captain says:

    When you it’s sold out of Mexico, did your doctor prescribe the
    medication? Did you have to go for blood tests just like Accutane? You
    know, when they check your organs and whatnot. Thanks!

  • 9InchMeatCannon says:

    All I can say is diet diet DIET! As soon as I changed my diet from greasy
    shit to vegetables and lean protein, my acne magically disappeared.
    (Spinach, carrots, fish and chicken breasts are the best)

  • Shannon mcconaha says:

    your so brave

  • Elizabeth Santiago says:

    Maybe you should leave you face alone? Let your natural oils absorb your
    face again… Regardless your beautiful and I hope you find something to
    treat it because I know how it feels but leaving my face away from all
    these products and just washing my face with water and rose water did
    wonders xo

  • Jorge75K says:

    You from miami dade ?

  • Stephania Pico says:

    I have acne to in this picture you can’t see it because I was starting but
    now with 12 years I have acne on my back , chest, and face. I have try
    everything but nothing works…Sometime I go to bed crying but my parents
    tell that it will go away but I don’t see that time coming..
    Its hard cause you can’t go to the beach or the pool you can’t wear the
    t-shirts you like to wear…I spent all the day seening what’s the new
    pimple thinking I am goin to cover it… No one deserves this not even the
    worst of my enemies. …
    Thank you listening…. Now I feel so much better…

  • Melissa Storr says:

    I’m sorry…. That does look like it hurts…. Makes a person wonder.

  • EpicArmando says:

    U r still really beautiful 

  • Aimee Watt says:

    You are so pretty like wow crazy!


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