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Please LIKE/ SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed 🙂 This video shows my results from my first Fraxel restore treatment post 3 months. I’m very happy with the results as…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • WhiskeyTangoFox says:

    Thank you for the great video My Aunt Bee is 94 yrs old and in perfect
    health. She claims that a tea spoon of vinegar a day is the reason why:) I
    am going to buy some tomorrow.

  • bellady reano says:

    HEREPA. com has Step-By-Step Fully Illustrated Guides on how to Cure Your

  • rag Doll says:

    Isn’t the apple cider vinager acid based? Wouldn’t apple cider vinegar
    cause redness and dryness? :0

  • Katie Vo says:

    Just curious, has anyone used this for their dogs as well? I was at a
    clinic and a woman told me that you can give your dog a little to treat
    fleas. The fact that it has vinegar, worries me.

  • el1te1984 says:

    I suffer from seborrheic dermatitis and have tried about everything, I just
    starting using braggs on my skin about 4 days ago and I am almost healed!!!
    This is exciting, I hope the redness goes away, the painfulness and flaking
    is now completely gone and my skin is very soft but is still reddish. Any
    ideas on how to get rid of the red tone of my skin or is that from damage
    of using topical prescribed medicines for over 8 years?

  • Rudolf Scharrer says:

    hi, im living here in german, and i cant find the same acv that you have. i
    found acv here in diffirent name, but also i still see something below like
    you show on your bottle. is that just the same`?

  • lisa buchman says:

    Can I just put the cider directly on my face

  • GooglFascists says:

    Been hearing about Apple Cider Vinegar over 40 years and it don’t do sh*t
    except make the apple companies richer. Don’t fall for it- its worthless.
    You want your skin and blood PH to be alkaline anyhow, NOT ACIDIC.

  • Roseyard says:

    Thanks a lot for this useful video! 🙂
    I mix and use equal amounts of apple cider vinegar ( the brand you have)
    and rose water to reduce stretch marks. I spray it every night before I go
    to sleep and wash if off the next morning. It has helped in softening my
    skin and reducing my stretch marks. You may also add olive oil to the
    mixture if you have a very sensitive skin. Needless to say, if you
    experience any irritation stop using it. 

  • Ivan Vagas says:

    im 18 and i hope this works just watching this video puts a smile on my

  • Jennifer Javillonar says:

    Wer can i buy the apple cider vinegar as well as the rosewater and

  • DominiqueCalique says:

    Is it okay to use apple cider vinegar that was diluted with water to 5%
    acidity? That’s what mine says on the bottle 

  • Claudia Koontz says:

    can somebody please tell me if this works to get clear skin? thank you

  • cheryl johnston says:

    NOOOO way

  • anna reel says:

    will it stop fleason my dog so it wil help you loss weight too

  • Martyn Blackburn says:

    I think that this is a myth. The notion that a drink can help you lose
    weight is the stuff of fantasy. To lose weight you need to take in less
    calories each day over periods of months. The process of weight loss is
    enhanced through daily exercise.

  • Donna Angus says:

    It also quells heartburn.

  • Ashley James says:

    Heres my Q&A video on my experience with Fraxel restore 🙂 Acne Scars
    Before and After Fraxel + Q&A’s!

  • Ashley James says:

    Don’t be shy! Ask any questions you like, I ALWAYS reply =) Don’t forge to
    LIKE and Subscribe if you enjoyed. Thank you :)

  • Ashley James says:

    Hey guys! Any further questions and to be friends add me on twitter and
    tweet me here – Talk soon :)

  • Ashley James says:

    Hey dolls! Here is my current skin care regimen for my acne scarring. I
    love using the derma roller at home as it’s cheaper and easier to do! Watch
    my LIVE treatment here 🙂 Live At Home Derma Rolling For Acne Scarring

  • shahzad azeem says:

    hey ashley help me plzzz

  • Gra Piken says:

    You’re so brave doing this video. I wish I could afford the laser
    treatment. It definitely has worked. I wish I had your eyes! You have
    STUNNING eyes! I agree with you about ‘perfection’. Perfection is not

  • Derma roller for acne scars says:

    you look great. thanks

  • rusa gila says:

    hey, where did you get the treatment from? im from los angeles. appreciate
    you reply :)

  • umaxen01 says:

    No. my friend is. She recently had a weird acne outbreak. I think this
    could help with the few scars she now has on her forehead…

  • BallerCarlo Dc says:

    Hey. you have Facebook Account? I Can’t tweet ya. Cuz I don’t have twitter

  • glencoco111 says:

    Do you tint your lashes ? (be honest) or do anything to them? they’re so

  • wildlife22334455 says:

    Hi Ashley I have done subcision along with dermapen and sandpaper
    dermabrasion. Then applied copper peptide and alot of lubricating oil and
    fat concoction (vigin coconut oil plus raw organic butter and extra virgin
    olive oil 1:1:1 ratios). with excellent results my scars were deep not ice
    pick type, but deep chicken pox scars. I have done it only once now almost
    three month post treatment. my skin looks nearly flawless except slight
    hyperpigmentation( because I am a person with skin type 4 light olive
    complexion. I think you shouldn’t have any issues with pigmentation as you
    have a light complexion

    I hope that helps.

  • StevesOtherWoman says:

    Is it painful?

  • umaxen01 says:

    Hey ! I’m happy for you man ! Looks MUCH better. 2 more treatments and
    you’ll be in Hollywood. No problem…

  • vla zhu says:

    Holy moly i just watched this video and the one where you did co2 laser,
    your skin has improved alot .. like alot. I have been thinking about doing
    laser but always talk myself out of it. I got old scars on my chins and i
    am ashamed of them alot.. Do you think the laser treatments are worth it?
    In that case which one do you recommend ? Sorry for my poverty english, im
    foreign just discovered your channel today.


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