Ask an Esthetician: Acne, Hyperpigmentation and Eczema Together?

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16 Responses to Ask an Esthetician: Acne, Hyperpigmentation and Eczema Together?

  • TinaTiny24 says:

    Do you have any recommendations for other exfoliators other than the one
    you mentioned, preferably natural? And would you recommend aloe vera for
    acne scars?

  • purplepeachaz says:

    I currently have all 3 issues and recent found out that I have PCOS
    Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which is a hormonal imbalance and I now know
    is a major cause of my skin issues. Ironically the cause of my hormonal
    imbalance is also related to food and the irritants that have caused me to
    have whole body inflammation episodes. It has been frustration because most
    remedies that work for acne does not work for eczema or irritate each
    other. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, because researching on my issues
    is confusing sometime and it’s good to be able to know where to start in
    crossing out things so I can get on a path of recovery and good health.

  • Honeybee lovelydee baibeyanca Karungary says:

    unsubscribed.waste of my time

  • ProPaleo says:

    I can vouch for this lady’s nutritional advice for eliminating severe acne
    and reducing redness (inflammation) however I had a bad experience with
    salicylic acid when I was using it for acne back in the day, salicylic acid
    had the same effect on me as benzoyl peroxide basically I broke out after a
    few weeks using both individually in separate periods of my life.
    I have had severe post acne-hyperpigmentation for over a decade now and
    it’s frustrating. Could you recommend me a good product or even better a
    natural diy remedy? Are turmeric face masks any good or is it just hype?
    How about calcium Bentonite clay masks?

  • love jay says:

    Hi I’m currently using a BP spot treatment that’s 10% should I not be
    applying this? 

  • Renee Hunt says:

    Hi Veronica,
    I love your videos. I am a nutritionist/dietitian and one of the things
    that really frustrates me is that dermatologists typically refuse to
    believe that diet has an impact on skin health. They see it as a “myth.”
    A holistic, systemic approach is not a part of their rule book. It is so
    nice to see a professional in a similar field really shed light on this
    connection between diet and skin inflammation. Stress can also play a

    I like to think very critically and use science to explain things. While
    “Evidence Based” scientific journals sometimes have motives and conflicting
    interests, like you, I think it is very important to read these studies and
    weed out the true, independent research.

    It is so nice that you are sharing knowledge on YouTube, free to viewers. I
    know that this is your profession and you have paying clients with whom you
    can give more personalized advice but just making these videos really
    demonstrates your transparency and passion. Keep it up!


  • Caro Morales says:

    Hi Veronica I have a question: is it safe to use licorice powder on your
    face? My sister have what we believe is rosacea although we are not
    positive it might be eczema but she can’t afford to see a professional and
    she tried a couple over the counter treatments but nothing worked so I’m
    trying to make a DIY remedy for her using licorice what do you think? I
    wanna make clear that I read the descriptions on your vids and notes and I
    didn’t find anything about licorice I’m sorry if you mentioned it and I
    missed it I also read your post on Facebook “why I didn’t answer your
    question” and I agree with everything u said so I TOTALLY understand if you
    wouldn’t answer my question(I really hope I don’t sound like those people)
    P.S.#1 sorry for this being too long just wanted to make myself clear 🙂
    P.S.#2 sorry for my English I do not speak very well, still learning 🙂
    Have a great day!! Btw your vids are awesome!! :)

  • emmo angell says:

    I was wondering if u can name some products tht i can use for my face i
    have all 3 of the symptoms specially during the cold weather n during the
    summer my face ia super oily TIA

  • Deen .Over Dunya says:

    I have had really bad pigmentation all around my mouth for so long! As soon
    as I stopped facial hair bleaching and using skin lighteners, it has
    automatically calmed down and I just use sunscreen during the day and
    jojoba oil in the evening (even though i have veryyy oily skin). My skin is
    looking better, but is there anything else you would suggest to lighten the
    specific darkness around the mouth (the rest of my face is fair, so it is a
    very obvious skin problem :() please help veronica!!

  • gupkets says:

    Such great tips! Thank you for having a youtube channel! If I had an
    esthetician I wish you were mine!

  • Nita Pie says:

    Thank you for this video and your advice, you explain perfectly why I’ve
    been so reluctant about seeing a dermatologist. I have chronic auto-immune
    issues along with digestive issues and pretty much every other issue you’ve
    mentioned and I’ve been told to see a dermatologist about my sudden
    breakout but I feared they’d just prescribe things and not actually talk
    about the root causes. I’m going to cut out some things you’ve mentioned
    and maybe see an allergist.

    Can I ask about your opinion on things like figuring what breakouts are
    hormonal and which occur due to irritants such as makeup or skincare? Or
    whether they get treated differently? Or whether they’re different things?

  • Tianhong Zhang says:

    How nice person she is. I am so impressed that she really would like help
    that girl to solve that problem. I can see she really care of that girl
    even she does not know that girl. Good heart. Helpful n kindly. God always
    bless u. 

  • Deen .Over Dunya says:

    By the way your skin is absolutely stunningly flawless!!

  • Angelica Mata says:

    Can you please make a video specifically on eczema? On how to manage it,
    possibly get rid of it, or ease the physical pain of itching. That would be

  • shararehali says:

    The regular Toleriane is really good as long as you don’t have acne, for
    acne just the fluid as it is basically only of squalene and actually

  • Lucky Rose says:

    Hello, I have just found ur veds I wish I had found them before 🙁
    I have problems with my face, always I have ances, irritation and dryness
    so I tried everything to get a good skin but nothing worked 🙁
    I heard that sesame oil and sweet almond oil are good for moisturizing and
    wrinkles what do you think about these oils if u can help me with I
    appreciate it.
    Thank you n hoping to hearing from you soon. 


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