Applying Benzoyl Peroxide on The Regimen

Applying Benzoyl Peroxide on The Regimen

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23 Responses to Applying Benzoyl Peroxide on The Regimen

  • says:

    Dusty, please visit for our makeup removal tips and cosmetics
    suggestions. -Brandy

  • ich3ro says:

    It says on the label here on mine “apply at bedime face and back” so i only
    use it once a day??

  • Sophie says:

    I don’t get it, here you are rubbing the Benzoyl Peroxide in for several
    minutes, but in the “Official Instructions” video you say make sure NOT to
    rub? What am I supposed to do, rub or not rub?

  • angelfoodcake1979 says:

    Your skin looks clear in this video. Why are you still using so much? Can
    one ever go off of the bpo?

  • Zaynah Shahab says:

    I have been on the regimen for 3weeks how come i am experiencing
    dry discolored skin that peels off

  • roshan palikhe says:

    when i use this product 1st time in my pimple ,it became much bigger and
    swelling occur in my eye,why this happen to me??

  • Jell Hongreft says:

    I just want my skin like yours! I stared the regiment this monday. I hope
    it works!! 

  • zapkam1 says:

    Will The Regimen ever be available in the UK?

  • slapinthebassMAN says:

    okay so i just started my benzoyl peroxide again and when i put it on how
    long should i wait to put on my sunscreen? Bc everytime i put my sunscreen
    on it just smears with the BP! 

  • Dusty Dixon says:

    I have closed comedones, I’m hoping this will help. I have a question
    though, if I’m washing my face gently as you say to, some of my make up
    won’t come off, now what? 

  • juan villatoro says:

    How long aré you suppose To have it on Your face ? 

  • idolovethisday says:

    Can this thing burn my face??

  • iamshenglo says:

    My treatment bottle is different from your’s. It’s not a pump bottle but a
    squeeze bottle. How do I measure my BP?

  • N Hoangg says:

    After put on the benzoyl peroxide, do I let it dry and then put on
    moisturizer or do I was off the benzoyl peroxide and then put of the

  • bluegarden2020 says:

    WARNING WARNING WARNING : please tell people clearly that this regimen is
    not for sensitive skin I saw this video and your website and used this
    regimen for only 3 weeks and now after 2 month you can see effect of
    burning damage like hell on my face and my face with beautiful appearance
    now is more ugly i curse myself why i used this regimen for only some
    pimples and during this months i am completely disappointed & depressed i
    am not sure that i can obtain my first glowing and beauty.So Very be
    This is just about appearance I don’t now what damages happened inside my
    body because of dangerous chemical component.
    As your friend please please don’t promote anything without complete

  • says:

    Yes, The Regimen can help clear up mild acne if used as suggested. Dan does
    have a money back guarantee. If you’ll write to me at I
    will give you the direct link to the guarantee information. YouTube won’t
    let us post links in replies. -Brandy

  • akapenguin1395 says:

    @akapenguin1395 ahaha yea yuh actually made a good point ??? i actually
    took it off not because of your response but because i never wrote it ifk
    who did with my account….

  • freyr108 says:

    well I’ve been using a BP facial cleanser, my face has improved (not
    perfect though). Originally my neck was quite scaly and itchy (crazy
    itchy!), never intentionally applied to my neck, but it inevitably ran
    down… Neck is finally OK now after 3 weeks! I’m going to continue with
    this cleanser until I’ve finish the bottle before I try with the BP gel
    again (at which stage I will use the cleanser), I’m praying that
    the cleanser will get m face used to BP!!

  • BballerAZ says:

    Can i use a moisturizor when using the treatment

  • okiro11 says:


  • says:

    Keep the products from coming into contact with your mouth/lips. The
    products should not dry out your lips if you aren’t getting them on there.
    Feel free to use some lip balm or apply some jojoba oil to your lips to
    help with dryness. -Brandy

  • Ryan P says:

    @jayrcuh562 cetaphil cleanser, damn good stuff

  • says:

    Yes, you should be using a moisturizer as the third step of The Regimen,
    after the benzoyl peroxide. Please visit and watch Dan’s video to
    see the whole process. Feel free to use the contact us page if you have any
    trouble locating it. -Brandy


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