Apple Cider Vinegar helped cure my acne! my story

apple cider vinegar helped cure my acne!!!!! although having a healthy diet is essential to maintain healthy skin, Apple cider vinegar showed me clear cut re…
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  • playandrepeat says:

    If you want to try it in liquid form, mixing with water and lemon juice
    helps a lot. Makes it very tolerable! You really only taste the lemon. And
    lemon is good for skin & detox as well. 

  • max yeah says:

    hey as you were using apple cider vinegar for your acne did you go throw a
    purging period first before your acne went away ?

  • HollywoodAlie says:

    I currently use apple cider vinegar as a toner. Can I still drink it? or is
    that too much for my body to absorb? 

  • miranda dasman says:

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  • CC s says:

    what helped you find ouy what food intolerances you had ??

  • Delia Keyes says:

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  • TxBlondeAmbition says:

    Hold your breath the entire time you guzzle the vinegar mixed with water
    and chase with plain water. You won’t taste it at all! I

  • Caitë McCulloch says:

    How long did it take you to get clear?? Cause I have been drinking acv for
    about a few days now and I’m not seeing NOTICEABLE changes. Does your body
    have to take time to process it or…? 

  • ilinka max says:

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  • edit I says:

    thanks..didn’t realize they have the pills… pills for I got the liquid..and it sucks!….talking about
    taste..hopefully it works for my health.

  • Cozndawz says:

    @Caitë McCulloch Here’s my experience. Along with using a small spray
    bottle with a 1:8 dilution of ACV to water as a toner spray (after I wash
    my face with a cleanser)…. I’ve been drinking raw apple cider (heavily
    diluted) in a recycled (had water in it once) plastic water bottle, about 2
    tablespoons raw braggs ACV and the rest water–you drink this single bottle
    EVENLY throughout the day (every day till you see results, (I STRESS, DON”T
    DRINK IT ALL AT ONCE), if you do, it will cause major upset bowls, if you
    forget to drink it evenly, wait till the next day and continue, better that
    than drinking it all at midnight and being in the bathroom the rest of the

    Anyhow, in my opinion, although bad tasting (the taste fades quickly), this
    is much more effective than the pills. Here’s the thing though, you need to
    also drink lots of water. What the ACV drink does is clean out your colon
    and neutralize your skin’s pH (an offset pH is what causes acne typically)
    so that’s essentially what it does. However, there are a few things that
    speed the process (pretty much all are dietary and sleep related). If
    you’re already eating healthy good, but to accelerate the process cut out
    as much wheat, sugar, and milk from your diet as possible. Drink plenty of
    non-ACV water as well (for example at any point in the day when you go pee,
    note the color of your pee, if it’s not very light yellow or near-clear you
    need to drink more water.) Also, SLEEP is super important, this is
    something which should seem like common sense but to give a few reasons why
    it’s necessary to get clear skin, 1) Without healthy amounts of sleep your
    immune system (which affects your skin’s health) weakens and you can make
    your skin worse and also even get sick, and 2) (not really a reason more
    advice really) Early sleep is better than late sleep, getting 6-8 hours
    starting from 10pm till the morning is better than going to bed at 3 am in
    the morning and sleeping till noon. (Unless of course you’re in absolute
    pitch black darkness and don’t plan to do anything the rest of the day,
    even then, I don’t advise this).

    It took me approximately 1 month to see results to the point where I was
    practically completely clear realized I had found my own personal magic
    acne cure from the ACV and only around a week (ish) after drinking the
    unpleasant concoction and using the ACV toner mix after washing my face to
    see a major OBVIOUS change.

    Hope this helps, you can also pm me if you have other questions.

  • nelly both says:

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  • MrDuffy81 says:

    Take iodine for your thyroid…

  • Owen Crumbaugh says:

    I’ve been drinking this stuff for 4 days now nothing I’m going to give it
    another week my skin is bad with acne and I just want them gone

  • CameronGSmith says:

    acv + maple syrup is more delicious than acv + honey

  • Saulem Carnado says:

    Apple Cider Vinegar removes toxins and also kills bacteria in your body.

  • GeraldineNZ says:

    @MsWhitekings both. internally to prevent. externally to treat

  • TheAngelinachannel says:

    love your video… your story is amazing.. i will buy and start it
    tomorrow… i want my skin like your s so bad 🙁

  • Calvin klien says:

    I have always had clear skin-no breakouts even in teenage years n now I am
    23. For the past 3 months my face, esp the cheeks began breaking out in
    these tiny little pus filled bumps coz I was allergic to this new toner I
    used from Body shop Since then even the dermatologist didnt work, then I
    remembered that I once used ACV to cure myself of a stress breakout, so i
    applied it neat with a cuetip & voila it worked like magic, 3 days of
    applying it and drinking it daily my face is absolutely clear

  • rclovr08 says:

    @littleitaly96 thanks for the info! could you also make a video on this??

  • hannahjomommy says:

    I started the pills Monday and my acne/blackheads are almost completely
    gone. It’s amazing!!!!

  • crossy9986 says:

    How did you figure out food intolerances and what did you do for your
    sluggish thyroid? Thank you 🙂

  • mmmelaney says:

    @mzjackofalltrades21 Green tea and black tea mixed is even better. The
    tannin in black tea is supposed to be good for acne. White tea is good too,
    and chamomile for calming the the skin. I soak the tea (2-4 tea bags in
    about 2 cups of water) in the boiled water over night to make it super
    strong (a medicinal strength herbal infusion.)


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