Acne Update | New Medication, Hormonal Acne, Etc.!

Hi everyone! In this video, I talk about my new medication: spironolactone. It is a hormonal acne medication. I have not experienced any side effects other t…
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Acne No More Review Are you struggling to get rid of acne, blackhead, pimple? Are you frustrated for not being able to eliminate y…

29 Responses to Acne Update | New Medication, Hormonal Acne, Etc.!

  • Maura Bodisatva says:

    did it work for you or did you have to go on a second round of accutane?

  • Lambu Vilat says:

    I know how frightful having acne is, I paid a lot of money on expensive spa
    service without the guaranteed result.

  • moonsovermysun says:

    i know this video is super old, but did you need to get bloodwork done to
    get on/stay on this drug?

  • Telma Flori says:

    Noticing the ugly acne spread everywhere on my face is extremely
    troublesome and embarrassing. I couldn’t stop myself popping them and it
    seriously makes the condition much worse.

  • stela pione says:

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  • Teresa Green says:

    So happy you found it!!! Its awsome!

  • RiverofLife95 says:

    dang this is depressing idk if the spiron if working, and tactuo gel
    gosh this is frustrating

  • fashionforever618 says:

    Spironolactone is a potassium sparing diuretic 🙂 Usually it’s prescribed
    with a hypertensive drug.. I wonder why he prescribed that

  • CynthiaMarieTV says:

    I enjoyed your video! I’m also currently struggling with adult acne, it
    sucks. I just started ortho tricyclene so we’ll see….I broke out after
    the first 5 days but I’m gonna wait it out! I also plan to see a
    dermatologist soon . My hormonal acne was a result of coming off of bop
    after 10 years of being on them…..thinking about doin a vid on this.

  • AndreaJuliet says:

    hows this regimen going for you now? The derm just gave me the exact same
    thing as you, spiro & the gel you have, I was hoping he’d give me
    Accutane, but he really wants to try this instead. Its the first time he’s
    seen me and I don’t know if my acne is just hormonal though cuz I can get
    it anywhere and deep ones as well as surface ones, as well as on the back
    shoulders and chest. I haven’t taken the spiro yet. I’ve had acne for over
    20 years and I’m 34 now. Its not as severe as your chin area might be, but
    I get it in all the places I mentioned and its so darn persistent and I
    want to get pregnant in a few years like when I’m 37, so I thought itd be
    better to do ‘tane now instead of spiro and have to come off it in a few
    years and have skin go nuts again…I’m so confused.

  • Jeff T says:

    I hate taking pills personally… And I think the clindomyacin is too harsh
    and will make skin red. Plus ivory is sooooo cheap! Good luck! Let me know
    if it works.

  • fashionforever618 says:

    Accutane is deff not an over the counter drug!! – 2:10

  • Rabbaniyah says:

    How is your skin doing on the Spironolactone?

  • Jeff T says:

    I feel for you with ur frustrations!! Good news is that there is a simple
    fix…. Ivory soap… Seriously! Also experiment using it without
    prescriptions, retinoids, etc. also try using the ivory soap only on ur
    breakout areas… Or on use entire face if better for u. Will dry out your
    skin so maybe just ivory once every three days… U need to experiment and
    find the best thing for you! Good luck!

  • DarlingNikki says:

    Rachel you will love it! I have been on it for a yr…I started it around
    the time you went on accutane as my last resort before accutane. I have not
    (knock on wood lol) had more than 1-2 blemishes TOTAL in the last year and
    no cysts which is so amazing. It takes a bit for your body to get used to
    it and you break out a lot at first but it gets better. Hang in there! Good
    luck and I have my fingers crossed for you on the teaching position.
    -sending love from a mommy in mn (Nicole) ♡

  • Acne No More Review says:

    Luckily I did not face any problems since I use it.Maybe your skin is a
    little bit sensitive.But do not worry, it will be back to normal soon.

  • KagomePretty says:

    Hello! I have a few questions. ;] So I haven’t gotten through the book
    fully yet but something that is confusing me is the Juice Cleansing and the
    Water Fasting systems. Should you do the Juice Cleansing or the Water
    fasting system? Which is better? I guess I am confused how this whole
    system works with Acne No More. How long do you do the Juice Cleansing and
    Water fasting? Thanks!

  • David d says:

    Awesome! Just awesome! Love it! Keep up the good work!!!

  • AtomXGenerater says:

    Thank you so much for the video and now i can get rid of those pimples i

  • FAITHVONIC says:


  • thottspot says:

    thanks for the video, this is definitely helpful

  • Aisha Sharma says:

    hey nice video i started the program 2 weeks back and since then have been
    very strict with it to my best of case of acne is mild.after
    the detox program i observed that my acne worsened.i know this is a detox
    symptom and qs is did you too experience these detox symptoms?
    did your acne worsen before recovery? if yes then how long these symptoms
    took to subside? please do reply..need it i am so happy that you cleared up
    🙂 looking forward to be in your place some day soon

  • Jean Bernard says:

    Thankyou for this video, im going to advise my friend on this, awesome

  • 16mquest says:

    How old are you? I’m considering getting acne no more but i am 14. most of
    the successful reviews are from adults. just curious! thanks 🙂

  • JustOneRush KS says:

    awesome video really liked it !!!1 and it helpt me out !

  • Cloneminifig007 says:

    Thankyou so much, i suffer with it myself this really helped me

  • sebastian nasser says:

    Hi, can you pliz help me. first you should know that im from Norway. so i
    can’t really understand English so very good. I would really like to get
    rid of my acne. but when i read the acne no more system i just don’t know
    what to do. i can’t start my system. kan you pliz help me?

  • whynotbitch1 says:

    hmm, going to try this out pretty sure this is gonna work

  • ViralVideoNetwork says:

    great video i have to show my little brother this lol


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