Acne Tips I Wish My Dermatologist Told Me (Part 2)

OPEN ME***♥ Sorry that the video blacks out for a good 5 seconds around 9:30…I have no idea why that happened. PART 1: My Acne Story + Before/After Pic…

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  • Selina Decordova says:

    Thankyou sooo much for your advice…I am 28 and have moderate acne. I am
    currently on the pill and its cleared it up but Iam due a break.Iam
    dreading it because I dont know how my skin is going to be.But I know its
    what I eat and I am going to make a serious diet change. thanks for the

  • kila jackson says:

    omg after watching the whole video i just come out to say that i really
    love alottt of sugar,milk and salt and i’m taking alott of them,but from
    now i’ll try my best to stay away a bit from them..thanks again sweety

  • oceanwaves078 says:

    Im 21 and been suffering with acne for a few years now :/ its mainly on the
    left side of my face, everything else is clear which is weird lol i tried
    something similar to accutane for 3 months but decided to get off of it too
    because i don’t like the idea of taking medication. im pretty sure its
    hormonal acne since i don’t eat a lot of junk food to begin with. ive been
    trying to drink 8 glasses of water a day, i hope it helps but idk how long
    it will take!! grrr so frustrating lol

  • Malikah J says:

    you are amazing for taking the time to share this video. I have been
    motivated to finally push myself to remove processed foods, especially soy
    and sugar from my diet. thank you

  • stevenzoid says:

    Your so beautiful, are you a model!!?? :D

  • Alexandra Vega says:

    you are a inspiration for other people and to much for young people because
    in the adolecense all of the people think or said about you care, and you
    loose the control and make you feel sad or angree so, your video helps me
    and I think other people think like me 🙂 blessings.

  • Niqua Wright says:

    your a fighter just like me. I wouldn’t stop until I got clear skin, and
    its an amazing feeling once you accomplish it. you will inspire many, keep
    it up girl. your beautiful!

  • joeanne swanson says:

    thank you for recording this and sharing xx
    ive never had and achenyuntil this past year, at 34yrs old its made me want
    to hide away and not go out. this video has made me revaulue whats
    happening and ive made notes so i can refer to at anytime and also i know
    im not worthless and i deserve to have a part in socity. thank you so much
    hunni im so thankful.
    thankyou from the bottom of my heart xxxx

  • stevenzoid says:

    and also what do you clean your face with? soap? warm water?

  • Madi Smith says:

    Thank you because I have hormonal acne and I’m 12 and it SUCKS. My
    dermitologist did the same thing. My skin is sensitive and acne full. Your
    advice really helped

  • Namilea LOTI says:

    Did you ever make a video on what you use to wash your face?

  • Tom Ewing says:

    In a general sense for your health the 2 best things I’ve found for skin
    are Vitamin C and Organic Sulfur.

    Vitamin C creates Hydrogen peroxide in the gut (oxygen) and eats the bad
    stuff – do your own research but you have to take it big quantities.

    Organic Sulfur (MSM) makes the cell walls porous, so it delivers nutrients
    to the cell and takes out the trash.

    Due diligence is required when sourcing because both vit c and sulfur from
    so many companies are adulterated.

    The cleaner the gut (80% of the immune system) the cleaner the skin.

  • elizanisha1 says:

    Thank you soo much, this was really helpful 

  • Jessica M says:

    i just finished part 1 and 2. thank you so much for making these videos,
    they have helped more than any other videos on youtube. i had the same kind
    of acne that you had when it was really a year or two ago, but due to going
    to a dermatologist and taking birth control my acne has decreased
    significantly. but still, i have REALLY bad days/ weeks where my acne
    flares up and i don’t want to be seen by anyone. these videos helped so
    much, and i will definitely be taking all of your advice 🙂 

  • kila jackson says:

    thanks alottt sweet heart i subbed ur nice channel…ididn’t had this prob
    before but now i have some acnis on my face 

  • oceanwaves078 says:

    btw thanks for this video 🙂 

  • Karely Gamboa says:

    so helpful! thanx so much I hate my skin due to the acne; you motivated me
    to revisit a different dermatologist because I too lost hope! I hope you
    are drinking calcium pills with the lack of dairy you are consuming. I know
    from experience because I have never liked milk and am calcium deficient
    very dangerous…with that said I admire your courage for sharing those
    pics thanx soooo so much. much love!! 

  • Jackie Rodriguez says:

    Ur very very smart & wise. Love ur videos!



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