Acne Spot Treatment at Home – with Activated Charcoal!

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47 Responses to Acne Spot Treatment at Home – with Activated Charcoal!

  • Lưu Tú says:

    You are able to cure your acne completely, get back your clear skin without
    drugs, lotions; without having to worry about scar problems and negative
    effects. Regardless of what type of acne you’ve got – with very easy
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  • Crown Therapy says:

    Is activated carbon the same thing as activated charcoal??
    I can find activated carbon and want to use it on my acne if it is.

  • Yasaswini Sakamuri says:

    can we use it on pimple marks too ?

  • Jayden Becker says:

    thank you! now i have pretty dry skin ): would this work for me or not?
    Also when i do get a pimple how many times a day and for how many days
    should i use it?

  • laxman ram says:

    Hello! Have you ever tried – Masket Amazing Acne Cure (do a google search)?
    Ive heard some decent things about it and my father got great results with

  • didashki says:

    I have just tried this and it was a terrible experience. Maybe I did it
    wrong but it was impossible to wash this off! I put some on my chicks
    exactly like you did in the video. Soap and water couldn’t wash it and my
    face was black! My pores looked like blackheads. Only with lots of lotion
    (micellar water) I managed to get most of it off. I do not recommend this!
    Maybe only on one pimple, but not the chicks.

  • inna ben says:

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  • shycalr says:

    Try frankensense it works to, the Now brand or brand of your choice. It
    also works on moles which you don’t have. Never use pure frankense thats
    why I recomend the now brand. Others I know mix olvive oil , frank, and
    charcoal. I tried yours really nice. I am only puting this because I don’t
    think it’s better. You just seem like a holistic person who like cuting
    edge things. So I wanted to share for no other reason. If you feel olve oil
    would be bad try spring water exsperiment. Maybe aloe with a drop or two of

  • Bills Spiker says:

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  • Nazifa Nejati says:

    I have so many problems my hair falls alot i got medicine to Control hair
    fall Now my face is full of acne plz guys help me what to do i have date in

  • melisa h says:

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  • munna alam says:

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  • blissfulrain1 says:

    Would this be safe to use all over my face? How often could I do that? My
    face is in very bad shape due to having a chronic illness and the meds.
    plus not having taken care of it like I should have for a while now. I just
    haven’t felt like it. Now that I am feeling better I really need something.
    Also, could you please tell me a DIY great moisturizer for the face? I
    would really appreciate it. Thank you SO very much for the videos that you
    have done.

  • dontstop831 says:

    Farah you are really pretty, thanks for the video

  • Ashlotus says:

    I love ur tutorials!!

  • Judy Dickinson says:

    a good friend of mine just started sck as many people say they are getting
    good results with it. has anyone else heard of this program? acne is
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  • Kevin Luu says:

    I hate those skin care spamers or whatever they r -.-

  • IcyBlueGaze says:

    Does this have to be a spot treatment or can it be a full facial mask?

  • sara saeed says:

    i cann’t find olea vera gel in stores any replacement ? and thnx alot for
    all the videos very helpful 🙂

  • Ardawan Sairani says:

    Guys stop spamming no one is going to try ur stuff belleive me

  • AcneTreatmentTips1 says:

    Also a lot of good information on your blog. Keep up the good work….

  • mayagold10 says:

    so many spam in these videos.. we don’t want your stupid websites.. i
    should get paid for reading your shit instead of you posting it..

  • MSSANDALWOOD22 says:


  • Mel lepo says:

    Im on my second week of the program now! I have one question and please
    answer.. Once you finish the program do you start all over or what??

  • Darren D says:

    great vid

  • Virgie Kroekerwi says:

    Best video!

  • jenefer a lopez says:

    I like her review

  • Patrice Lansberry says:

    I think every people are gonna love it.

  • robin hood says:

    Actually i’m impressed for her confidence and other’s review.surely,i’ll
    buy this.

  • Savanna Featherston says:

    From my experience i can assure that it works.

  • Mauricio Fairley says:

    I am obeying their rules

  • Freida Bustamante says:

    Nice presentation,you have explained everything nicely.

  • Sheridan Hood says:

    Watched reviews about it . I believe it works effectively.

  • Emery Carlisle says:

    i’ve cheked their site and i’m motivated that this is really effective.

  • Josiah Garmany says:

    thanks for this precious information

  • Zanidipe says:

    Wow! I subbed! =)

  • Lee Abraham says:

    i wished i could do that too

  • Theweeklybooth says:

    Beat the rip

  • stevvbrea says:

    super cool video upload more

  • trance__1437 says:

    A star in the making!!!!

  • qweRty says:

    y r u so good at making videos??

  • vLaMatthew says:

    Wow what an amazing video, that was awesome.

  • itsgarylee says:

    Could you show me how to be awesome like you?

  • Bacalu9 says:

    i sooooooooooo loved the video 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • YungCroom says:

    Great keep up the great work.

  • maemarell says:

    Way to go

  • joycemillee says:

    Awesome stuff!


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