Acne Scars Before and After Fraxel + Q&A’s! – BEST ACNE SCAR TREATMENT!

These are the results from my first Fraxel Restore laser treatment for acne scarring and I’m loving it! I’ve also answered some frequently asked questions 🙂 Please LIKE/ SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed…

PMD Personal Microderm Review for Acne & Acne Scars Treatment

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37 Responses to Acne Scars Before and After Fraxel + Q&A’s! – BEST ACNE SCAR TREATMENT!

  • Ashley James says:

    Ashley James, great videos…Okay I got these Acne Scars, I had one
    treatment before, I don’t know what it was but the person had injected
    something into my skin, and next day had used some laser to burn it…I
    don’t know but it hurt crazy…My face is like extremely UGLY, I got scars,
    and it has gotten me so depressed, Now I want to do Fraxel Laser, and
    thinking it’s better to do Fraxel Laser restore or repair? I don’t know
    should I use some silicons injections or what? Can you or anyone please
    recommend me any doctor, that is not costing like crazy but as well do the
    job? I’m from NYC.


  • Ashley James says:

    Hey guys! If you want to know how I cleared my acne, here’s my video 🙂 MY

  • Angel MBB says:

    We cant do that expression here, it will seem like we are making fun of
    “Oriental” LOL

  • Celina Toeung says:

    I am going to do the fraxel laser for the pigmentation or dark spot caused
    by the acne, but i dont i have acne scar…i am not sure i should do the
    fraxel laser or IPL…my question is for the pigmentation or dark spot,
    brown spot…the fraxel laser can erase my pigmentation or dark spots ?? my
    dermotologist said i should take a few treatments…so one treatment can
    not erase my dark spots?? my faces are allover the dark spot and
    pigmentation…but from your video seems the fraxel laser only helping the
    scar, am i right?

  • gbinct says:

    Ashley, what % of improvement did you see after your 1st treatment?

  • scorptale says:

    Youre such a cute babe. John San Francisco CA. =)

  • Francis Silva says:

    Is the doctors name is Dr. Ashley Granot at Malvern Ashley Centre?
    Is this him on the below link?

    btw your review is really helpful 

  • Gloria J. Covert says:

    Great Clip! Many thanks.

  • jesse turner says:

    Could you tell me what numbing cream your using for the derma roller. It
    reallllllllllllly hurts.

  • gbinct says:

    I am having Fraxel Laser treatment for acne scars in the fall. I am from
    Connecticut – USA. I had severe acne from the age of 18, through my mid
    30’s. I am now in my early 40’s. I cannot wait to have this done. 

  • Harriet Douglas says:

    Hi Ash! Please help me! What’s your opinion about co2 laser treatment and
    when you did the fraxel treatment what was the price again? I know you said
    it in a video but I can’t find which one. Also, was the price for 1
    treatment or sessions? Thanks lovely. <3

  • Ashley James says:
  • Wendy Seppala says:

    Thanks Ashley for your upload! I just had fraxel laser done today, and it
    is so crazy I have already seen results, its insane. I got mine done at
    indulgences by body bronze spa, and it was only 99 for one treatment and no
    horror story. For people who are reading this, I live in Little Rock AR and
    this is where the spa is that the procedure took place.

  • Harriet Douglas says:

    Hi Ash! Please help me! What’s your opinion about co2 laser treatment and
    when you did the fraxel treatment what was the price again? I know you said
    it in a video but I can’t find which one. Also, was the price for 1
    treatment or sessions? Thanks lovely. <3

  • youngAT33 says:

    Great video! Thank you for sharing, you don’t even need a second treatment

  • junk can says:

    Nicely explained. You should consider going into laser services sales
    because you would make a great consultant! Good job.

  • sergio garcia says:

    Good video

  • jack smith says:

    Really Goo and informative…

  • Debora Tjhin says:

    The camera shaky? 

  • La Ford says:

    I’ve been looking into this and I see some people saying it left marks like
    burn marks on their face or ripped off their skin. Should I still try it?

  • Sabina Lee says:

    is micro better for acne scars and hyper pigmentation or CO2 Laser? and IS
    c02 LASER HOW long does it fully take to heal for it to look normal more
    than one 1 week?? 

  • MonicaBabess says:

    Is there a difference with the pmd that cost 62 and the 179 !??
    I want to buy it so bad ? 

  • Von Marie Figueroa says:

    Any real improvements in your scaring and on your actual acne?

  • Aimee Rivera says:

    I won this PMD tool from a Facebook contest Bliss Spas was running but I
    have yet to do it. After this amazing review it looks like I should dust
    the box off and give it a try! :)

  • JulianTZL says:

    Really tempted to get this. But the mixed reviews on are a
    bit worrisome. Thoughts?

  • Mi Mo says:

    Great review! I used the code you gave & THANK YOU 😉 I am anxiously
    awaiting for mine to arrive 🙂 

  • navygirlist says:

    you rockkkkkkkkkk! 

  • Miss Roma says:

    I have watched all your videos on your troubles with acne since i’m in the
    same position and suffer from deep cystic acne too. I’m very grateful that
    I have found something that is taking away all my acne (the pill) but i am
    still left with a lot of scars, especially on the area around my mouth/ on
    my cheeks. I have dark/ red spots and also deep indented scars and of
    course want to get rid of everything. I am very interested in buying the
    PMD – does it really make a dramatic difference in your scars – especially
    the deep ones? and how do the results of this treatment compare to the CO2
    one (which i know is very painful, time consuming and expensive but if it
    provides a dramatic difference i would still do it!) I know that was a lot!
    Please help, i really value your opinion!

  • BobbyLovesLV says:

    I love your macaroon PJ’s! 

  • Kassandra Brooks says:

    So excited about this new product that has helped with my Acne & Acne

  • Kimberly Van V says:

    i can relate to the long struggle with acne and the long lasting scars. i
    am so self conscious of the large deep scars from cycstic acne especially
    on my back. you are beautiful.

  • Erin Elizabeth says:

    i miss you!

  • MissKassandraBrooks says:

    This product has helped me with my acne & acne scars… watch my review!

  • Timothy Edwards says:

    Hey Kassandra. Your videos are fantastic and congratulations on your
    results so far, they’re really impressive and I am sure most people
    watching your videos like me can relate to your story in one way or
    another. I was wondering, if you could do a video filming you daily makeup
    routine that looks as natural as it can whilst still covering up blemishes,
    and light facial scars?
    PS You are very attractive, and I am sure everyone agrees with me on that
    one, so thanks so much for your videos, they’ve helped me and I just had
    the fractionated CO2 Laser procedure. Thanks :)

  • greenlze11 says:

    Can you please do an updated video? Thank you!

  • Gabbi Mock says:

    I’ve watched all your videos about your struggle with acne and, as cheesy
    as this sounds, you give me hope that my skin will not be bad forever.
    Thank you for your videos! You’re so gorgeous(:

  • sharon silver says:

    I noticed you said your using the training discs to try out first . Is the
    training disc the one for sensitive skin or is it a disc to try before
    using the sensitive skin disc? I’m thinking of trying it but I saw some
    get irritated That’s why I’d like to try out a disc that’s more sensitive
    than the sensitive disc first,. I already exfoliate so I guess I should
    stop doing that since I’d be using the PMD I like that your video shows
    you using it & your results on the same one. I hate having to wait to see
    what they think about it. You do good videos. And your gorgeous!! .I don’t
    see a scar on you. 


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