Acne Prank!

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20 Responses to Acne Prank!

  • TheLyZaw says:

    5 reasons why america is a better country than europe:
    1. we are more richer
    2. we killed hitler
    3. we stopped slavery
    4. europe worst country world

  • VitalyzdTv says:

    Get Ready For Next Week Cause Its About To Get Crazy!

  • Peter Molyneux says:

    Goes to show having a personality gets you nowhere its all about

  • reignscotlands says:

    Shout out to all the ugly ass guys on here crying because girls don’t want
    you. They don’t want you for a reason lol roll around in your self pity <3
    You boys are preaching about how "loyal" you are? lmao goodbye girls dont
    you owe you shit.

  • Aliviah says:

    WHAT THE FUCK. This is just stupid, the girl is fine, I would have done
    the same thing and I KNOW what acne is like, so fuck off.

  • pittygold99 says:

    In this day in age, women ain’t shit and only good for pleasure! All men
    should never trust a women cause they can’t sure trust you.

  • Sven Schwab says:

    Acne is really not funny 🙁 i had it.

  • Harry D says:

    Worst prank I’ve ever seen 

  • Michalastic says:

    Is that the same girl from the Gold digger prank!?
    Thats it i’m unsubscribing, this shit is staged.

  • Josh Massanopoli says:

    this makes me feel bad about myself :C

  • thysaeed says:

    Healthy diet & good genetics = clear skin. Hygiene says a lot about a

  • MyWeenerIsSmall says:

    I’m a guy and I won’t date a girl unless her ass is nice, she is at least 5
    foot 9, has perky tits, nice face, and nice legs. You mad? Fuck off

  • XxMVPxDawg says:

    It wasn’t just the acne. He acted completely different so that creates a
    big variable in this experiment.

  • C316 says:

    I would have rejected a girl if she came up to me with absolute terrible
    acne like this.
    It’s called a preference, everyone has them.
    If someone who was severely obese came rolling up to you, asking you out,
    would you reject them because they aren’t in your dating preference? Of
    course you would.
    The majority of people who are mad at this girl are dudes who probably look
    like shit, and are angry at girls for rejecting them.
    If you want someone who is a 10, make yourself into a 10 first.
    Don’t expect someone to like you who is totally out of your league, just
    because you think you have a great personality.
    Looks do matter.

  • FaZe Rain says:


  • LeonieGiggles says:

    Just in her defense, He was being disrespectful as fuck the first time “do
    you squat” then he goes to look at her ass. Then he accuses her of not
    having a bf when she might actually. I like this guy but k.. seriously?

  • Hossam Abubakr says:

    Why there is girls like this in world xD

  • simona stypayhorlikson says:

    “Cause at the end of the day, everybody cares about looks. Nobody falls in
    love with your personality at first sight.”

  • NFSteam says:

    почему мне кажется что ты русский?

  • Travis Kirkman says:

    Lol Women…. I bet half of these girls complaining would be calling a guy
    a asshole if a woman did this exact prank…. Hypocrite Feminazi’s 


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