Acne In Motion

New high definition video of the inner workings of acne. Acne breakouts don’t just appear anywhere. This is because acne begins in a special type of follicle…
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  • PinkSugarBear AJ says:

    B-but I sleep with my head resting on my hand 🙁 Fuck

  • Beckie says:


  • Branden Hooper says:

    So that’s why I have really bad acne… My skin and hair get really really
    oily. Even when I use calamine lotion to dry out my skin, within at least
    12 hours my skin is oily again. At the end of a work day I have to wipe off
    my forehead every few minutes because oil builds up on the surface of my

  • Bob Little says:

    If you have acne then here’s a couple of tips for you, from personal
    Don’t drink milk- It contains hundreds of hormones from cows which
    irritates and feeds acne.
    Don’t eat a lot of sugar- It seems obvious but yeah it also inflames the
    Drink a lot of green tea- It may not taste the best but drink about 4-5
    teabags of green tea a day and you’ll see amazing results in days.

    Hope it helps :)

  • Rosenabeth Egina says:

    i always wash my face everyday 5x-8x a day, and i always inside in our
    house to not get any air pollution, i didn’t go outside, sometimes only,
    and i dont touching my face using my hands. I didn’t also put any make up ,
    cream, and powder to my face, and i drink a lot of water everyday. BUT WHY
    I STILL HAVE A ACNE/PIMPLES IN MY FACE?! All i want is to have a clear face

  • Krystal Chow says:


  • Lan Anh Le says:

    People with acne and oily skin should be happy about it. I used to have
    acne n oily skin, but now my skin’s diagnosed with oily skin inflammation.
    A dried spot on my face and the surrounding is still oily. What worse could
    it be???

  • Stephanie Dunn says:

    I don’t have acne just a few pimples here and there

  • Thomas Devito says:

    I get a mild case of acne. Proactive seems seems to help me out a lot but I
    still have oily skin 

  • Sarah Sahara says:

    This is so disturbing. Especially when the dead skin covers up the pores
    while we rub our face. I wanted to poke a hole at the middle of that dead
    skin layer with a toothpick. Omigurd..

  • Eliseah Michelle says:

    interesting video, I got acne since I was 11 and we tried a lot of meds,
    but didn’t help. Im interested in Proactive or X-out but Im not sure if it
    actually helps or just a waste of money.

  • Karina Thomson says:

    Every time I pop a spot it scars EVERY time its horrible and I dont get
    allot of spots :-(

  • Christofer Delgado says:

    How to cure acne: Invest in Acutane simple as that gosh i feel so dumb for
    buying face washes like these in the past lol 

  • ll says:

    Damn, my pore just rupture by seeing this shit.

  • Sylvain Piche says:

    My acne was bad but I kept it under control with drinking more water,
    running 20 minutes a day, stopping drinking soda and simple sugar in
    general, stopping cheese of any kind (no more pizza or poutine!),
    increasing fiber, fruit and vegetables in my diet, washing my face with
    lemon juice each morning, getting my hair very short, changing my pillow
    covers everyday (consider it as a contamination vector from your hair to
    your face; bad!). If you do these, it will help but Hormones play a Big
    role in it. If you can lower your stress, it will help also so I suggest
    to do Karate, or something like shadow boxing or yoga if you prefer to do
    something calmer.


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