Acne Got you DOWN…Essential oils to the RESCUE!

Acne Got you DOWN...Essential oils to the RESCUE!

Here is my facial regimen that I have been using for over a YEAR. I started seeing results in the first 2 days when pimples were not popping up every morning…

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  • itrustbirth says:

    Thank you for sharing. I am currently using tea tree oil and hemp oil with
    some good results (but not good enough). I will try the geranium and
    lavender in a dropper bottle now.

  • MakeupOnABudget says:

    I thought it might help you know the saying oil on oil stops oil. But
    anyway my skin hated it and broke out as a result. But now its fine. I
    started using african black soap a few days ago and so far so good.

  • freegurl76 says:

    @TheMoptimusPrime Thanks I am going to try the lemon juice cure because I
    was reading that it can help take some of the oiliness out of the skin.
    Anything is worth trying when you want beautiful skin. Thanks so much for
    stopping by and commenting! ;-D

  • L0NE SHE W0LF says:

    Hi there, I am into making my own skin care products as well. I just wanted
    to share that Lemon Juice is good for lightening those dark spots. Though
    if you have sensitive skin you might need to dilute it before you apply it
    to your face. For myself I have oily skin and I apply a lemon juice on a
    cotton round and let it sit until it dries then rinse it off. This has
    lightened my scars up very well. Hope you give it a try. Great Video 😀

  • freegurl76 says:

    You are sooo welcome! I know how hard it is to deal with this problem so if
    I can help someone I will. I did go a spa and was told I have beautiful
    skin (HAHA!! She should have seen it about a year ago.) But she told me
    about a great natural exfoliator called Comfort Zone Active Pureness Scrub.
    I use this maybe 2 times a month…I really don’t like to add anything to
    my routine because my skin is clear and free of all pimples.

  • cakeonaplate says:

    @freegurl76 The info on essential oils is great! Going to try and mix up
    that spot treatment asap. While you skin was healing, while you applied the
    oil treatments, did you wear foundation? Do you wear foundation now? My
    skin is a mess these days and I want to clear it asap, so if i need to give
    up makeup I will! thx 🙂

  • freegurl76 says:

    @Junita Wetzel Thanks for the “wealth” of knowledge. lol

  • TheAdventureLady says:

    Love your video! I have been experimenting with essential oils, too, and
    love them. But I hadn’t thought of the steamer, that’s a great idea. P.S.
    Your skin is beautiful 🙂

  • Elle Shea says:

    Thank you for this video. It helped calm my cystic acne. Although Retin-a
    gel gave me a great overall effect, your skin care routine cleared my skin
    up enough to give me my confidence back.

  • rodica trisca says:

    guys i want to recomand you something very good and argan
    made in morocco but you can find even in for
    health,skin,scars,acne,wringles,hair,nails and more.if you dont believe me
    pls go on google and search for argan oil around 10 $
    the bottle

  • freegurl76 says:

    @23kyshia I use those small, travel size plastic containers from Wal-mart.
    I fill it with distilled water almost 3/4 full then I put my ingredients.
    You tailor the ingredients to fit your skin…if you feel like the tea tree
    oil is too strong add more water. I hope this helps. Thanks for stopping

  • Christina Martin says:

    your skin looks great! you have such a healthy glow. I will def try this

  • freegurl76 says:

    @candyatl06 I haven’t tried my products on skin conditions like eczema;
    however, I would think that Lavender essential oil would soothe the burning
    sensation when then skin gets extremely dry and peels. I would consult a
    dermatologist before I use any type of home remedies. If you try…please
    tell me how it works. Thanks for stopping by…

  • freegurl76 says:

    @tamisha31 Hi Tamisha, I know what it feels like when you have your hopes
    up that this time it will work.Those acne treatments just dry out the skin
    and make the skin over produce oil…the break-outs become even worst. I
    had the same thing happen with Murad, Proactive, and Retin-A. Retin-A was
    the very worst because it left me with red raw patches around my nose.I am
    so happy that I found something that won’t break the bank and it works.
    Thank you for stopping by and try Lavender and Tea Tree


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