Acne Coverage Foundation Routine ft. Estee Lauder Double Wear

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Winter 2014 February 2014 Foundation Routine for Acne Scars/Oily Skin (CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation and BeautyBlender) My previous found…

35 Responses to Acne Coverage Foundation Routine ft. Estee Lauder Double Wear

  • simplybeautychic1 says:

    HOLY CRAP! You had 1 layer on and that was enough, your skin looked
    flawless and perfectly covered. Looks like I need to invest in this
    foundation! I also subscribed! Lovely channel! :)

  • Terriann Hearts says:

    Thank you for this video 

  • Aleida Espinoza says:


  • Brianne Allard says:

    It looks so natural! Great video :)

  • nancy xyooj says:

    What shade?

  • Melanie Murphy says:

    I adore this foundation! 🙂 Just subscribed, saw you in the suggested
    channels list 🙂 I had bad acne too, my biggest videos are all about that,
    but I finally have totally clear skin…I quit milk, managed my stress &
    used Clearogen from Sephora with my Soniclear face brush (have coupon codes
    for both) so happy to have it gone – this foundation rocks for leftover
    scars & marks! You are beautiful! Xx

  • Megan Graham says:

    we have the exact same products haha!! I love you :)

  • kevin pravong says:

    You should try the body shop tea tree skin care line, as well as mario
    badescu buffering lotion. I use to have cystic acne and pustules all over
    my cheeks and forehead and using that routine as well as properly removing
    my foundation (DHC cleansing oil) my skin is acne free, except for the
    occasional pimple and blackheads

  • Yulissa Garcia says:

    you look beautifull without makeup

  • Alnona Mohmd says:

    this is the best founation ever

  • xDFrEaKiixD says:

    I use the “NUDE (skin-glowing make-up)” by Dior and it keeps me matt all
    day! it also covers my acne perfectly ! 🙂 you should give it a go!

  • Only if says:
  • Ariana Reyes says:

    I have acne prone skin and I’m planning on getting this soon hopefully it
    works great on me 😀 

  • Digmer says:


  • Janice Lopez says:

    Does this foundation really work? I’ve been having trouble with acne and I
    want a flawless look.

  • hollycolumbia says:

    Hello, I also use Covergirl 3 in 1, but lately it has been turning orange
    on me! I don’t want to switch because I truly love this makeup, it’s so
    creamy and doesnt break me out. I’m thinking I need a new primer, I use the
    Porefessional but I think its not agreeing with my foundation. Does anyone
    have primer suggestions??

  • Laura Castano says:

    This video made me subscribe.I NEED to try this!

  • Danielle Hubble says:

    A good dupe for the beauty blender is the Soho beauty sponge. I bought mine
    at Walgreens for 7-8 dollars. The only complaint I have about it is, it
    doesn’t last very long. Mine ripped after about 4 months.

  • hipretty says:

    Is this an “acne product”? As in a product with salicylic acid in it? I
    used to use (years ago) a cover girl foundation with S.Acid in it back
    then. It was in the clean makeup line. It had a white cap and green label.
    They took it off the shelves reformulated it and then brought it back
    without the S. Acid. They ut their “acne friendly” makeup in a bottle with
    a blue label. The sensitive skin formula then went into a green….and it has
    not been the same since. I could not understand why it was changed.Let me
    tell you that stuff was liquid gold. I have sensitive dry skin (have never
    been able to use benzoyl eroxide) and this product not only was not drying,
    but using it was like using a gentle acne medication in your prone areas!
    Over time it improved your skin unlike the opposite effect of other
    makeups. I am still grieving the loss of this product! :(

  • Katherine Skipper says:

    Do you find it oxidizes at all? Mine does.

  • Ashley Jasso says:

    I’m fairly new to using liquid foundation and I bought the
    Walgreens brand beauty blender and I really don’t care for it,it’s very
    stiff even after you get it damp! I will def spend more money to buy a
    better quality one next time.

  • Liza Grace says:

    whoa that’s a lot of makeup girl! I guess if it works for you, great

  • jellybeanguitarist says:

    I’ve heard good things about the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

  • Shelby Mclacglan says:

    Do you wear blush and highlight? I’m new to foundation and all that fun

  • María Rodríguez says:

    whyyy does this foundation cake up on me? =( i use an elf mineral primer
    the 3 in 1, maybelline dark circle eraser, some tarte loose powder and nyx
    fixing spray in matt what should I do? =(

  • Jizzell Reyna says:

    it. I just bought 2beauty blenders and I’ll try it this week. I’ll post a
    comparison/ first impression!

  • lwalker4969 says:

    great video,ty

  • Dira Hani says:

    Spend a lot on the foundation as I couldn’t find it anywhere. But it
    oxidizes like crayyyy!! >: but loved it so I’m getting 2 shades lighter.
    Spending 2x than what I shd without shipping 

  • Sarah Wilson says:

    Have you tried the real techniques sponge ? Omg. If you didn’t you
    realllllyyyyy have to! It’s so much better than the beauty blender !

  • Veronica Carvajal says:

    i really love this foundation but it really oxidises after a couple of
    hours , and i;ve noticed that after i apply the foundation on my face …
    when i go outside my face looks orange 🙁 . 

  • DIY Guru says:

    Manicare have an awesome beauty blender knock off !! 

  • zoey bear says:

    That makeup arsenal you have there is hella nice

  • Priscilla Nieto says:

    I’ve never tried the beauty blender and honestly don’t like the way I see
    it being used. To have to pounce on your face for so long makes it look as
    if you’d be blending for so long and that it would be more patted on which
    can make it be applied more unevenly. I use a damp cosmetic triangle sponge
    and that works beautifully cuz then I can drag and get the foundation to
    properly blend.

  • 123Burningheart says:

    Does this cause breakouts in any way for any of you….?? I really need to

  • Ree Shepherd says:

    For this foundation would it still be full coverage if you used your


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