Acne Coverage Foundation Routine!

Acne Coverage Foundation Routine!

So.. I have acne. I am here to help you guys 🙂 Weather you have a few zits, to lots of em, I hope this Foundation Routine helps! None of these products have…
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Last Week – Be CONFIDENT With Acne: Pimples suck. Sometimes you have a lot, and sometimes you only have one. Different situations cal…
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43 Responses to Acne Coverage Foundation Routine!

  • Paige Burton says:

    Thank you so much it helped a lot I have it just like you ❤️

  • It'sjustme24 says:

    I love your videos. Your such a role model 

  • Missmakeuplover 22 says:

    I like the little mix make up and the body shop make up and also I LOVE mac
    . I have acne aswell so there is nothing to be concerned about xxx

  • Jocelyn Masese says:

    Ur beautiful on the inside and out not listen to what the haters say!

  • Patricia Ortega says:

    For me, you are beautiful without makeup.
    Your so pretty! Love you.❤️❤️❤️
    #U look like a pretty doll with an amazing skin!
    Don’t let other people tell lies in yourself!❤️

  • Cristina Fotopol says:

    What’s the song called?? :)

  • schae janet says:

    Your hair

  • dallida alexion says:

    Acne Drugs And Antibiotics Can Make Your Acne Worse – get help at HEREPA.

  • Gina Cole says:

    you are beautiful !! acne sucks and i don’t think you need all that stuff
    you have such a naturally adorable face and you are so pretty ☺️

  • bifernliley says:

    What song is that?

  • Lauren Norman says:

    I use maybelline dream pure bb cream, and the maybelline fit me concealer
    and powder. I really like maybelline face products because they dont upset
    my sensitive skin like some other brands and they are relatively cheap

  • Cool Nikki says:

    Clean foundation from cover girl ( goes with the powder)

  • Abbyleigh yeatman says:

    You should try the NYC powder It works for acne xxxxx

  • beautybybrooke17 says:

    You should try the neutrogina acne clearing foundation. It has worked
    miracles for my skin. It also has salysidic acid 

  • Heidi Ventura says:

    This is kinda random..But can you post a video about how its like to start
    on youtube and make videos? and what to talk about?

  • Abbyleigh yeatman says:

    You should try the NYC powder It works for acne xxxxx

  • Mariana Costa says:

    I anderstand you!

  • Maddiesparkles1106 says:

    I have the same amount 

  • Jess Bunty says:

    Covering up pimples takes time – and you need to give yourself time! They
    can be extra sensitive, and those horrible big cystic ones can downright
    *hurt*. I really hope that the tips and advice I offer in this video can
    help you out if you’re on struggle street with your acne! Can we all just
    have clear skin already?? Jeez! Xx

  • Jess Bunty says:

    You guys are stupendous and spiffy and all the good stuff in the world!
    Thank you for your positivity on this video! I’m glad I was able to share
    some tips ‘n’ tricks with you on how to cover pimples 🙂 See you tomorrow
    for your next weekly vid! Xx

  • Crazy Tomlinson says:

    I have awful acne and I’ve tried so many things (Liz Earle etc) and nothing
    works! Any tips – I’ve tried using all types of makeup for sensitive skin
    etc HELP 

  • Ella Stewart says:

    Hi Jess, thank you for this video. Made me feel so much better about my
    complexion. You are absolutely beautiful with and without make up too x x x

  • Nibleth Heidebrecth says:

    I love the sonia kashuk hidden agenda concealer pallet, i get it at target
    and it comes with two skin tone concealers a green one and a setting powder

  • Keirsten Journet says:

    Try Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette.

  • Himani Wright says:

    Great video, Jess! I love how you are always so open about what makeup can
    and can’t do! Much love xo

  • muggzy kat says:

    Hey Jess 🙂 i love your videos and I’ve been struggling with acne for what
    feels like forever! hahah your videos have really changed my life haha that
    sounds like 100% cheese but they have! especially the confidence one, I’ve
    been very self conscience about my acne but your videos are helping me deal
    with it all hahah, Right now I’m on roaccutane for my acne and i pretty
    much just have a LOT of scars now, all of your videos are helping me so
    much with how I’m dealing with my acne and i just want to thank you 🙂
    hahah i know all this may sound cheesy but oh well 😛 – Kat xx 

  • Wisteria Jax says:

    Aha, you’re really funny. ;)

  • 24carlam says:

    love your videos :)

  • sheriberrix says:

    Thanks Jess, I’m always struggling with constant acne so it’s really
    comforting to see a Youtuber that struggles with this as well. I haven’t
    been able to find a green concealer that isn’t drying. I do the same with
    my maybelline concealer. I bought a defective one that wouldn’t twist up so
    I’ve just been unscrewing it haha. Do you have any tips for people with
    super sensitive skin? Or perhaps cystic acne? The Revlon Colorstay and the
    Garnier BB Cream always cause little bumps for me .
    Great video Jess!

  • sophia andrews says:

    good video♥ I had about five acnes recently, and I was worrying, but then I
    had my 8 hour sleep properly and my acnes got vanished! however this video
    could be a life saver at times☺ I just love your positive spirit♥

  • Amanda Blight says:

    Yes I miss the nail tutorials! (That was how I originally found your
    channel) 🙂
    Different makeup looks as well. X

  • Katerina Beauty Blog says:

    Yay another aussie! Thanks for this video! My chin has been breaking out
    like crazy! 

  • Beca Cortez says:

    Omg how did u break it I can’t!

  • Aine Clinton says:

    I really like your videos! Iove how you do your eyeshadow. Maybe you could
    do a tutorial on how you got it to look so beautiful!? I’ve tried but I
    can’t achieve it to be so nice…

  • Dianayra16 says:

    I really love how you are very truthful with your skin and how you treat
    it. Thank you for the vid.

  • Amanda Blight says:

    I miss your other videos. You’ve done soo many acne videos lately. Please
    change it up a bit. :)

  • Aubree B says:

    I love how your so funny and down to earth (: deff subscribing!xx

  • Chuah woei haur says:

    can i use apple cider vinegar as a toner ?
    i love so much your video !~ it is great!

  • meçhul kedi says:

    nothings wrong in first 1-2 hours but then covered areas begin to look like
    its peeling, is it because of the powder i use? im trying to moisturise
    more than ever

  • Tom Hawks says:

    I agree with patty Ottis I would use only Ben prox and see no results I
    have oily skin ans it would make my make up slid off. Then I would use a.
    Color stay and that would just look cake on. So I just found a gentle scrub
    oatmeal st Ives and I love it takes the oil away. Now my make up looks good
    . U have to use the 3steps unclog pores kill bact. And get rid of the oil
    hope this helps

  • c puente says:

    Thanks for your videos! Both fun and informative:} Very helpful tips!!
    Question… Do you have a video on high end verses drug store brands of
    facial regimens for oily, acne prone skin such as great cleansers,
    moisturizers and setting sprays that work best for you? 

  • Ditapilius Sius says:

    Seriously, it is not so boring without your “special makeup” 🙂
    Bon travaille quand même ;)

  • cora L says:

    Thank you for sharing these positive videos on skin care. I went to a
    doctor as a teen but I still need to maintain clear skin with several
    approaches. My doctor blamed me for my acne and he told me to eat healthy.
    I was angry because I was eating healthy and I stopped all soda drinks for
    a year before I sought out professional help. I prefer natural soaps that
    are free of chemicals. Have you ever tried adding lavender oil to your
    soap, moisturizer and topically? For some reason, rubbing in a few drops of
    this oil really clears up the excess bacteria and my skin is clearer. I
    take plenty of vitamin C and green tea but I also like to try Retin A when
    my skin needs it. Life stressors seem to make it worse and so does weather


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