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SKIN: My Must Have Acne-Fighting Products!

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34 Responses to Acne

  • Joanna Petkeli says:

    Thank you, brilliant video; very informative!

  • Joey Barts says:
  • applewitheveryone says:

    Ughh acne… the plague that I had to endure through most of my teen years
    and even up to this day (although significantly milder).

  • Dafne Ñu'u says:
  • Sree Nidhi says:

    Wow…. that was informative. Gud thing i dont have it

  • Jeff Jeff says:

    very good info from above video~~~

  • wimbletone says:

    No but one reason why masturbation could be affiliated is due to hormones.
    Teens are hormonal, and with the heightened amount of hormones in the body,
    there will be physiological responses like increase sebum production on the
    skin’s surface. More sebum, means higher chance of acne because it clogs
    pores + the bacteria on the skin which result in inflammation and acne.

  • Jairo L. says:

    Why do i need to deal with this bullshit…

  • Just1MorePerson1 says:

    fuck acne!!

  • sdrawkcab121 says:

    fuck you genetics!

  • Javi says:

    Yo uso tretinoina derivado de la vitamina A y he mejorado mucho… Reduce
    la acumulación de células muertas

  • patricio6143 says:

    What really sucks is when you’re actually a decent looking guy but you have
    these disgusting red spots on your face and people tell you shit like “buy
    some proactive” or “wash your face” like acne is just one of those problems
    that occurs when people don’t take care of themselves. People have always
    underestimated me throughout middle school because they fail to see whats
    beyond my face and think I’m nothing more than a slob who chooses to look
    like complete shit for no fucking reason.

  • Admin Adminović says:

    where we can buy this lotions ???

  • Runa says:

    this is so educational.

  • Pandalife2002 says:

    I’m 10 and I have acne

  • selena pricelessdiva says:


  • Dale Mass says:

    I’m on erithrymisin and bonoxyl :/ not working.. .worked for first
    4months… :/

  • tomsega says:

    I wish I’d received better advice regarding acne when I was a teenager. I
    knew not to pick spots, but nevertheless spent too might time tinkering
    with my face, over-washing, and applying nasty alcohol based products.
    Washing your pillowcase at least twice a week is a simple thing to help it.

  • Nucleus Medical Media says:

    Yes, this is the same one with some minor edits to correct spelling

  • james william says:

    The occurrence of acne, acne treatment also need processes, better use the
    natural way.

  • 11290lars says:

    Hope i dont get pimpels or how you all say it

  • Hanh Vu says:

    Hi RAEview, I have been using SK-II clear treatment lotion the the result
    is fantastic. Thanks for your recommendation. Btw, I wonder that can I use
    this bottle for a long time (2 years)? Due to the bottle is so huge, I’m
    afraid of I cannot use it up in 1 year.

  • RAEview says:

    I usually encounter blackheads, not whiteheads!

  • RAEview says:

    I would just reapply before your commute if you’re very concerned about
    protecting your skin! You’re technically supposed to reapply every hour or
    so, but no one that I have ever met actually does it.. not even the
    dermatologists I know 😉

  • Taryna Hiquiana says:

    u dont use the khiels spot corrector anymore?

  • RAEview says:

    I was going to do an updated hair care routine next month.. I’m using new
    products, so stay tuned if you’re interested 🙂

  • RAEview says:

    Advanced Corrector

  • Pegasus922 says:

    Thanks!! I just ordered the PTR pads and DDF wash. I hope it works!! Thanks
    for the tip! Have you ever ordered SKII products on Amazon? I want a trust
    worthy website 🙁

  • LIFEL11 says:

    Hi Rae, what do you think of the chanel notorious sculpting powder since
    you’re wearing it in this video. Do you think its worth the money? How does
    it compare to you HG D&G tan blush?

  • wndsrgrl says:

    Hi Rae, can you use Visionnaire around the eyes? I asked two Lancome beauty
    consultants and got two differents answers 🙁

  • Abby Mata says:

    What about acne scarring? I can care less about acne, the scarring is what
    I hate.

  • RAEview says:

    It takes months, sometimes years, to reduce dark spots. Patience is key!

  • RAEview says:

    They’re all listed on my blog! The link is at the top of the description
    box 🙂

  • RAEview says:

    No, I did not!


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