A CURE for acne! Diaper rash cream!

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Tuesday Tips: Apple Cider Vinegar - Acne, Detoxify & Aid Digestion

Todays Tuesday Tip is centred around apple cider vinegar! I have found great results and benefits from using ACV specifically in alkalising my body, detoxify…

21 Responses to A CURE for acne! Diaper rash cream!

  • TheKapriGirl says:

    Thank you so much..omg..am buying this diaper rash cream tomorrow! Will
    update in 3 days!

  • Lisa Engelbrektson says:

    You probably already found out but in case you didn’t, your acne is most
    likely caused by the same thing this remedy fixes in babies: yeast
    overgrowth! It’s so common – your acne is most likely caused by dermatitis
    – you may also get breakouts on the scalp! Are you allergic to any

  • elder fail says:

    my sister is 15 and she used this, it works.

  • Alberto Gonzalez says:

    I get a lot of red little bumps in the summer and desitin makes wonders
    usually from one night to the morning the bumps look smaller

  • myfannypack0123 . says:

    Do you think it’ll work on a 14 year old…?

  • Leah Batten says:

    actually, I ended up watching it all. Thanks for your tips. :)

  • uneekone986 says:

    Trying this right now as we speak! I have 2 year old, im turning 20 soon,
    and have always broke out. I really hope this works! Thankyou

  • Leah Batten says:

    I am 26, and since having both my children I have terrible acne on my
    cheeks and get large cysts under my jaw bone. I tried destin last night for
    the first time and I can already tell a difference. I really like your
    video, but its a little long for my attention span. lol. I have very oily
    skin and hair. What exactly is your daily routine? Do you apply the
    calamine lotion mixed with makeup? I use neutrogena clear skin foundation
    and occasionally powder. Thank you for your tips! I have tried everything
    and nothing helps. I am desperate to heal my face. I saw the destin
    yesterday and thought well it works for rashes so maybe it will work for my
    acne, so I googled it and your video popped up!

  • TheKapriGirl says:

    Plz make another video

  • paulteck1 says:

    Was thinking of trying the desitin on my face. I saw your video, went ahead
    and tried it last night. It did wonders. Tried a lot of other stuff nothing
    worked , was desperate. Thanks! 

  • twinkywinky426563 says:

    was drinking this for 2 months. by the 3rd it had made my throat raw and
    uncomfortable, now whenever i eat anything even slightly spicy it feels
    like a cold burning sensation in my throat, and if i drink from those water
    bottles that you have to pull up the top to open, the inside of my throat
    feels like,.. you know when you pull old ppls skin? how it slowly goes back
    down? like that

  • aya yusuf says:

    Acv the best

  • cmd exe says:

    right ear loves this video…..thanks for advice

  • sanjna pathania says:

    Heyy where can you buy the bragg ACV in Australia?

  • andrada tione says:

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  • Jahmina R says:

    I just came across your channel and I like your videos, thank you for
    sharing 🙂

  • Ebony Sky says:

    Love these videos! 🙂

  • The Green .Way says:

    Please talk more about tips against acne…. I am soo down because my skin
    got so much worse lately. I have no idea why, I changed nothing. And I am
    still on the pill, but searching for other options at the moment ( maybe
    you could talk about that topic as well?) I am just so scared that my skin
    will get even worse once i`ll be off the pill 🙁

  • hky319 says:

    Loved this video! I drink ACV every day. I just bought a big jug of it!

  • Tanya Klymenko says:

    Do more raw vegan recipes 🙂

  • AndiYoureAStar says:

    I’m really excited for your hormone video, I went off the pill a few months
    ago and I am still trying to balance my hormones. Thanks for all of the
    info, I love your videos!


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