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Veja a entrevista do Dr. Fernando Passos de Freitas para o programa Mulheres da TV GAZETA sobre- Descubra como eliminar as cicatrizes de acne.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • MeowMeow Jillybean says:

    This is helpful, but for people who can afford the expensive make up.

  • Sunday Lloyd says:

    YOU WERE 36 SECONDS TOO LONG =3 I know that doesn’t matter BUT STILL :/ I’m

  • Kathie Engel says:

    Omg …

    3 million ?

  • James Burrus says:

    I think it a good idea because you can just get to where you need to go and

  • Aacacia Victoria Santiago says:

    I have spent the past week rewatching all of your videos. Lol i hope that
    tells you how much i love you (:

  • Monica Johnston says:

    i love bunny a lot, but she probably has all of those face demons from
    pressing all the makeup into her skin.

  • Jessica Loves Glitter says:

    The kissy faces you make at the end remind me of those lil child pageant
    girls lol!

  • Tiha Soluncevski says:

    why is this girl all over my youtube i dont like her!

  • April Marie Rivera says:

    Will this help cover up blackheads as well? Or would that make it more

  • xmaggiehensleyyx says:

    you’re so pretty and I love your videos. 

  • AyyoShyGurlTv says:

    Give an alligator its wangs cx
    You never fail take my day! *-^/” <3 

  • domen480 says:

    Bitch, you better stop posting your commercial on every goddamn video.

  • Mama Bastet says:

    OMG thank you!

  • Kat Armstrong says:

    The only thing I think should have been added to this tutorial is eyebrows.
    don’t neglect your eyebrows!

  • Andreea Bira says:

    I love you girl! U’re amazing!

  • Himmel Greay says:

    Omg those bothersome face demons. Nobody got time for those creatures. 

  • trotfoxtrot says:

    consider doing a makeup tutorial or haul or…whatever with all cruelty
    free makeup?

  • Max sus says:

    How are your eyes so blue? I MUST KNOW!and where did u get that gigantic
    brush….I want one! ;)

  • Nadia Ashton says:

    Exactly one year ago

  • Liza Lewpine says:

    Thanks this is a great tutorial you have very similar skin to mine I have
    those days when I hide because I have “face demons” (great term by the

  • Michina Smith says:

    Can you PLEASE review bare minerals? I think they’re pretty good. ^-^ But I
    love tarte the most.

  • Aimagination96 says:

    This is basically my makeup routine as well. I barely use foundation
    anymore so it’s just concealer, powder, a little eyeliner, and finally
    mascara, and done!

  • Jessie Monroe says:

    despite the base with a little salicylic acid, you put more and more
    product on it and probably clogs your pores, so if you wanna wear lots of
    makeup forever, do this

  • Diu Diana says:

    i hope you know that red lipstick highlights your acne

  • Mar TheKitteh says:

    I had my volume all the way down and her voice still gave me the biggest
    headache. Can’t even finish this.

  • lalsinha tarkaya says:

    You don’t need to be younger to have acne breakouts. My neighbor and his
    kid both had acne that is severe. Each were able to remedy themselves once
    they found the Acne Executioner (Google it). A lot of people won’t be as
    fortunate as them.

  • Jassa Lopes G says:

    Por que? não achei não, todo médico fala assim.

  • José Fernando Martins de Oliveira says:

    Achei esse homem bem arrogante

  • tati silva says:

    péssima explicação, o cara pensa que é modelo

  • alice tomson says:

    If you’re struggling with acne then go to HEREPA.com for a permanent way to
    quickly get rid of zits and scars. Visit HEREPA.com and check it out! The
    work drews the teeny jelly How does the forgetful existence transpose the
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  • Filipe Antonio says:

    Pode ate ser mas está me ajudando muito 🙂

  • vovô sem nome says:

    O cara tá numa ressaca da peste…kkkkkk

  • Bruno Gomes says:

    Esse médico veio da gandaia?!?! E foi direto pra entrevista? 

  • Felipe Lima says:

    q bosta kkkk

  • Andreia Silva says:

    kkkkkk a entevista mais chata que eu já vi. O médico aparentemente está sem
    paciência pra responder as perguntas idiotas da apresentadora, depois a
    cara da “modelo” 6min20s como quem diz:que saco! 


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