♥ Clear Skin Tips: How I Got Rid of Acne for GOOD (& What I Did WRONG!)

After years of testing ways to clear my blemishes, I FINALLY came up with a) what was causing the acne spots b) easy steps to clearing my skin (& hopefully y…

Extreme Acne Treatment, Laser and Pus Fly Widely

Extreme Acne Treatment, Laser and Pus Fly Widely? What does it mean when a laser shoots out of your zits?
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32 Responses to ♥ Clear Skin Tips: How I Got Rid of Acne for GOOD (& What I Did WRONG!)

  • geekNchic says:

    Even if I don’t have problematic skin this video was quite informative and
    really helped me out when I have the occasional break out! :)

  • Izzy Foster says:

    Im panicking Ive never really had bad acne (Im 15 in two weeks) and I
    suddenly now its all over my face and it wont go away and Ive missed two
    periods and I dont know whats happening :S help?

  • 4houghts says:

    acne is such bullshit tried everything, its only on ONE SIDE of my face (I
    dont sleep on that side either or rest my hand on it) any ideas> just

  • Sasha Marie says:

    Do mean Simple as in the skincare brand or simple as in the basic ones

  • firewater1083 says:

    Acne definitely sucks, but, on the bright side, I also gained a lot of
    skincare information in the process. I guess my skin will thank me later:)

  • Mimi Damur says:

    I never had acne until I hit 21, which is last year! Few months before I
    join university, I started having acne on my cheek, precisely on my jaw
    bone and chin! Its cystic acne, and its so painful! I can’t even touch my
    face! The Doctor said its hormonal acne, and hormonal treatment in my
    country is really expensive! I’m so pissed off and stressed because of
    these tiny little shit on my face! I hope these advice will help! 🙂 

  • Jessica Delaney says:

    There are many products that will temporarily get rid of acne but most are
    harmful to your skin. Also, when you stop using the medication your acne
    will come back. A simple change in your diet might be all you need to keep
    your acne away for good. Milk, for example, can be a huge cause.

    I had severe acne for about 11 years and I’m happy to say my skin is now
    clear after learning the correct changes to make. If you would like to talk
    more about how I got rid of my acne for good send me a message at
    jessica.pink221[at]gmail.com and I’ll be happy to share stories. I’ll even
    show you my embarrassing before and after pics.

  • Miriam lobjanidze says:

    Thanks for this video, I have a question, is chocolate, sweets and lemonade
    really bad for acne? I can’t live without them, plz answer, thanks soo much

  • Tonya Jackson says:

    I use proactiv and it works sooooooo well. I know a lot of people are like
    “oh its sh*t. It doesnt work” well it actually really does. Im so lucky
    because they say to use it twice a day, but im able to get off with only
    once. It may not work or all types of skin but it does work for me,
    thankfully. Yes it’s VERY exspensive but its so worth it

  • Erzsebet says:

    What’s that toner that you said you used ? My skin has that “orange peel”
    look and I’d like to know the brand name or .. the mixture , in case it’s a
    natural one . Thank you.

  • justcy says:

    This is super helpful! I have oily, reactive skin too and get up to 4
    breakouts at a time. Everytime I wear makeup like foundation my face breaks
    in a day or so. Do you have any recommendations for drugstore moisturizer
    day/night creams?

  • Allison Fincher says:

    Omg I’m never gonna get rid of my acne. U can’t see because its on my hair
    line. But I have a habit of scratching my face! I was even doing it while
    watching this video!! >:C

  • Casey Dreyer says:

    I wod also notice when I had second or third day hair I would break out a
    lot and my doctor told me to always wash your hair after the second day
    because during the night and day that the oils from your hair go down your
    face and soak into your skin ever since mostly my breakouts have eased a

  • Quick Skin Care Tips says:

    MandaLynW143 search for a site named seroclinic. Ita talks about serotonin
    and stuffs like that.

  • MsLovelyxxx123 says:

    NO, it is not just your dermatologist. Mine said the same thing as well. I
    didn’t even use the products she gave me for months before going back to
    her, I just used natural masks, etc. But when I went back, she basically
    said, “Wow, your skin is great now! So much better. Let’s keep you the
    pills and the creams…” And I didn’t have the heart to tell her that her
    advice kind of, well, sucks. :/

  • Laaaaaaur28 says:

    This was a really helpful video – thank you so much! It seems that we have
    similar skin types so hopefully these tips will help. Thanks :)

  • Cate Rose says:

    Geez. I hope he’s asleep. I wouldnt wan’t anyone squeezing my poor cheeks
    that hard

  • miat789 says:

    wouldnt that cause massive pitted scars?

  • Nini Nguyen says:

    Why can’t I stop watching 

  • x0princessq0x says:

    Wats this procedure called? 

  • Danixo says:

    I hav cystic acne and I’m thinking about trying this.

  • Hanz Tutilus says:

    I got here by searching weird phobias.What’s weird about Pimples ? 

  • Ashley Lynn says:

    That prolly hurts like a son of a bitch. Wouldn’t this just give you more
    scars tho then the acne itself??

  • aliciacouponlopez Villareal says:

    I have no clue why I’m watching this but exactly what is it this doc. Is
    doing? Is he sticking a laser needle into each pore or what? That looks
    like after all the stuff comes out that it would leave some pretty big
    holes on his cheeks. 

  • Strange Man says:

    Natural solution for skin disease How to Get Rid of Skin Disease With Sea

  • Cubeture says:

    Oh wow, that hurts even watching…
    You guys better check out for more natural remedies to fix acne. I’ve been
    using one method for a few weeks now and so far it’s been showing up great
    I found the method on this website :
    Hope it helps you too :D.

  • James Mundt says:

    Poor guy, I hope he didn’t end up with scarring.

  • Dennis R says:

    Wow, that treatment is amazing. I’ve always felt so bad for people that
    deal with severe acne, because I know it must be embarrassing, and many of
    them have no control over it; no amount of products help them. I am so glad
    they are coming up with innovative technology to fight it, teenager years
    are already rough, nobody deserves to have to go through horrible acne too.
    I’ve seen people who had it so bad their entire face was covered in it, I
    can imagine that would be very hard on their self esteem. I hope one day
    soon they get a complete fix to the problem, a non-invasive treatment to
    permanently get rid of it.

  • David Beckmann says:

    This unfortunate patient has severe cystic acne and they are using a laser
    to drain a large acne cyst. The laser wounds will heal cleanly and without
    major scarring.

  • Evelyn jasmine says:

    Omg ewwwww wtf dats disgusting

  • TheMrLaime says:

    2 hours ago I started looked at my favorite music videos, now I’m here… 

  • Scorch1028 says:

    I have a feeling this patient is permanently scarred. With the extreme
    width of his pores from all the doctor’s intense pimple popping, I think
    this patient will need several facial peel procedures to look normal.


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