♡ How I Fade Acne Scarring! ♡

♡ How I Fade Acne Scarring! ♡

Open me=)))) please?? LOL ♥ The PMD: http://www.personalmicroderm.com/pages/try-2-0 Coupon Code- NikkiPhillippi ♥ Murad Skin Lightening Gel: http://www.amazo…

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  • Khimo Nau says:

    The great news here! You are able to clear away your unwanted scar
    permanently in only 3 months, using organic technique.

  • Lyss Lena says:


  • Melissa Thompson says:

    The clarisoninic actually stimulated cystic acne for me :(. Never got them
    before and I heard so many raves about the product I gave it a try and
    after 2 weeks I got these buldgy lumps where my chin and cheeks meet. Bad
    investment for 249. Ugh. I’ll look into PMD though!!

  • Isabelle Kleinveld says:

    SPF 50 is good for summer days, but I’d go for an SPF 15-20 for everyday
    use, so your skin can get vitamin D, which is a big part of healing after
    peeling all of it of!

  • kyle smith says:

    are u freaking crazy. how are you not scarring using that laser thing with
    the retina

  • beautifulness14 says:

    Can you do an update of the pmd?

  • CynthiaMarieTV says:

    Oooo I really want to try the pmd!!! Have you tried vitamin c capsules!
    They help a lot for skin brightening as well! I fell in love.

  • Lisa Hunt says:

    Awesome, I would love to try the PMD! I have a lot of acne scarring and
    feel so self conscious about it! I also have a lot of freckles that can be
    annoying! I really hope this could help me have clear skin! Thanks for the
    reviews, wonderful product reviews!!! Your skin is so beautiful by the
    way!!! :)

  • Acne Remedies Guide says:

    nice information

  • TheLastDonut7 says:

    Simply spot treat with hydrogen peroxide (use a q-tip). I promise it is the
    absolute best thing for acne scarring!!! I saw a difference overnight. This
    is the same stuff that gets blood out of clothes. 

  • dorry vell says:

    If you’re struggling with acne then go to HEREPA com for a permanent way
    to quickly get rid of zits and scars. Visit HEREPA com and check it out!
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  • LetitiaLaura says:

    I was just referred to your video and I wish I would have seen this before
    I did my review video. I got the same scabbing on my face and have only
    used it once. I am going to let my face heal and try it again. Thank you so
    much! I thought it was just me and I totally freaked out like you
    mentioned! Lol. Thanks so much!:)

  • PurpFash says:

    I don’t see anywhere to put a coupon code 🙁

  • V334YY says:

    That’s actually extremeeeeely unlucky! The later you get it, the later
    menopause hits. And you’re old and have forever hot flashes, and symptoms.
    It ‘aint pretty.

  • Belu M. says:

    u remind me a bit of lindsay lohan when she was young, pretty and healthy

  • themainchannel1 says:

    Don’t stop using ur acne cream , I did for a month and it all came back so
    much worse and now that I started its clearing up again, love tazorac!,

  • Kara O'Neil says:

    Never got scabs from PMD, watch Nikki’s video & Rachel’s go super fast….

  • Frances Fu says:

    You’re so awesome! Such a great and lifting personality, your videos make
    me hopeful about my severe acne. Thanks for being you and sharing your


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