M.T. Roller DermaRoller 1.5mm

M.T. Roller DermaRoller 1.5mm

Derma-Roller by Visage is a natural way to improve the appearance of your skin, without breaking your budget. You will see noticeable results in just a few weeks when you use the Derma-Roller as directed. Derma-Roller uses the highest medical grade titanium material which provides a smaller needle diameter and stays sharper longer. Conditions that show marked improvement with use of Derma-Roller. Acne Scarring, Fine Lines, dark spots, sun spots, hyper pigmentation, large pores. Please choose the needle size that best describes the condition you are working to perfect: 1.5mm – Anti-Aging, Light Scarring, Fine lines EASY TO USE Just Five Simple Steps with your Micro Needle Roller: 1. Thoroughly wash and pat dry your skin 2. Apply any skin cream or serum to your skin 3. To stretch the area of skin that you re treating, gently run the roller backwards and forwards over the same area in horizontal, vertical and diagonal motion 2 3 times. You should not press too hard, as this won t make the needles penetrate any deeper and it could imitate your skin. 4. Do not use in less than 1/2 inch proximity to your eyes and lips. 5. When you ve finished, you can apply your usual moisturizing cream right away. That s it!

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