DECHRA Malacetic Wet Wipe Dry Bath (100 count)

DECHRA Malacetic Wet Wipe Dry Bath (100 count)

MalAcetic Wet Wipes/Dry Bath indications:EVERYpetowner should have a container on hand for a needy moment. 1. To SPOT CLEANSE/DEODORIZEany pet. Feet, face, tails, anals, skin folds, ears and around eyes come to mind quickly. Muddy feet on a cold day, hound dogs that like to roll in whatever, long haired dogs whose feces almost makes it to the ground but still gets a little stuck in the hair, eye stains or just to clean up and smell good before the company comes over NO LONGER REQUIRES A WET PET. 2. MALASSEZIA/PYODERMAspot treatment assistance. Hot spots, necks, tails, intertriginous and other focal areas. 3. ANAL SAC expression.This eye opening, unpleasant experience is about to get mildly less disgusting. Instructions are placed on all bottles for clients to learn to do this in the comfort of their own home. The end point is a clean sac with a deodorized wet wipe and no lingering adverse odor. 4. Medicated baths just became easier.I like to recommend my owners to bathe their pets 3-7 times weekly as part of my treatment protocol for Malassezia, Pyoderma, Hot spots and keratinization disorders. Realistically, compliance has not been good. Wet wipes should afford an easier application of topical therapy. 5. EAR CLEANSING.This formula is designed to mimic the Ear/Skin Cleanser which is our most popular product. While it still must be used for flushing, the Wet Wipes can make cleaning the pinna and vertical canal easier. 6. CATS.Any time you have to bathe a cat, it’s war and somebody always gets wounded. Now clean them with a wipe. Stud Tail, chin acne, rodent or eosinophilic ulcers or granulomas, urine and fecal mishaps come to mind as being easier to handle. 7. Reduce dander and allergenicity.8. Post-surgical wound cleansing.

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