Au Natural Organics Laurel Berry Oil 3.4oz 100ml

Au Natural Organics Laurel Berry Oil 3.4oz 100ml

Ancient Mediterranean Skin Care Beauty Secret Now Publicly Available. According to legend, Cleopatra used it. Maybe not, but to the Greeks and Romans the leaves of the bay laurel tree signified greatness. In the region of today’s Syria, somebody discovered Laurel Berry Oil could be mixed with olive oil to produce soap women would kill for. Laurel Berry Oil has many prominent anti-aging qualities, such as. smoothing wrinkles and protecting your skin from infections. That makes sense. The tree is a survivor – the species predates the dinosaurs. Laurel Berry Fruit Oil nourishes all types of skin, cleaning and regenerating itTerrific for most skin conditions, from dry flaky patches to psoriasis. By itself or mixed with other carrier oils such as coconut or olive, it’s a good massage oil. Apply to your scalp or add to your shampoo or conditioner to reduce dandruff and halt thinning hair. Does not contain alcohol, parabens, GMO, sulfates, synthetic fragrances and colorings, petrochemicals, silicon, triclosan, or phthalates. It is cruelty-free. Will not clog pores. Ships in dark glass to preserve product freshness. Comes with a peace of mind, 30-day full satisfaction or your money back guarantee as soothing as the oil itself. Buy 2 bottles of Laurel Berry Fruit Oil today. One for yourself, one for your massage therapist.

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