Unconventional Acne Treatment

We know all about the usual acne care methods that call for washing the face at least twice a day, using over the counter medications, keeping hands away from your face, etc. But there are other treatments that can be tried that may be called home-remedies, for lack of any other name. Some of these may work on your skin and may be worth a try. Listed below are 10 items that people have tried and say have worked. Everyone has different skin types so these may not work on everyone.

1. Drink plenty of water first of all, you want to be sure you are able to flush the toxins through your skin.

2. Try taking 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar diluted with water every day. It will help balance the skins PH.

3. Try taking a zinc tablet every day. It helps the tissues heal and reduces scarring.

4. Pulverize one tablet of aspirin in a bowl, mix in enough lemon juice to make a paste. Apply to the pimples overnight, wash off in the morning. It may reduce redness and help the healing.

5. Try toothpaste, apply to pimples and cover with band aid and leave over night. In the morning it can be washed off. Don’t use toothpaste gel, it will not work the same. If it causes burning do not use again.

6. Also you might try shaving cream, apply to pimples and leave overnight and wash off in morning. It’s supposed to try the pimple.

7. Try Cortisone 10 on the pimple. It is said that it will stop acne.

8. Soak a cotton ball in warm water and apply to pimple. It will soften them, then apply a dab of honey on the pimple and leave on for 10 minutes. It is supposed to dry out the bacteria.

9. Change your pillow case daily. You do not want to re-introduce bacteria to your face each night.

10. Make sure your diet is healthy, take a multi-vitamin. Vitamin A is supposed to be beneficial for acne treatment. Chromium aids in reducing the rate of skin infections.

There are many more things like these that can be tried. You should check out the Holistic methods for treating acne, these may be more suitable for those who do not want to use medications. Do a little research on-line and you will find many alternative methods to try.

Go to Treat Your Acne for more information on how to treat your acne and pimples. Tim Archbold’s interests are Health and Fitness.

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