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Skin types vary in the extent of oil secreted by the sebaceous glands and the sensitivity to external factors. Acne can affect any type of skin and requires to be treated as a condition that requires regular management. Choose an over the counter acne product after checking its effect on the skin. Your line of treatment will depend on factors like the extent of exposure that your skin faces in the course of a day, the effect of humidity and temperature on your skin and the current situation of your skin.

Oily skin type

Oily skin is the type that has a high secretion of oil and has a shiny look and sticky feel. If you wipe oily skin with a tissue, it will return a blackish remnant. Sometimes, the nose and forehead are oily while the cheeks are dry. Do not use the oily skin treatment on the dry areas. Wash your face twice a day taking care to use a soap that leaves your skin feeling good. You should pat dry with a soft towel designated for your face. You have a choice of alcohol based products and moisturising gels to use. An alcohol based acne product is drying and are to be used under professional guidance while moisturising gels help your skin to retain moisture without being oily.

Dry skin type

Does your skin look flaky and red? Does the use of regular soap leave it feeling stretched? Sometimes, sensitive dry skin may require grease based creams and ointments to retain moisture. Stay away from the use of products that are alcohol based since they will irritate the skin and can leave it red. Dry skin requires a strict cleansing and moisturising regimen to retain moisture before sleeping. The use of aqua based solutions is found to be effective. Honey can be applied to dry skin to provide a soft feel. Avoid regular bath soap and use an acne product that cleanses skin without further drying it.

Body acne

Body acne may be hidden from view but it is a distressing skin condition. Acne may appear on the skin of your torso and requires the same regimental treatment as facial acne. Maintain physical cleanliness and use cotton clothing. Avoid scratching the skin since this leads to a spreading the acne. Support your habits with an acne product that contains benzyl peroxide and alpha hydroxyl acid when there is an occurrence of acne on your skin. Use it only on the affected areas after you have cleaned it with a mild soap and patted dry with a separate towel.

Skin care

If your skin turns red with the use of a product or with exposure to the sun, you need to change the product and find effective ways to protect your skin. Skin may be oily in parts and dry in others. Oily skin has the advantage of remaining soft and supple for a longer period, so it keeps you looking young for longer. Treat your skin as requiring a little special care from your side; do not hate your skin since this will lead to harsh choices of acne product.

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