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When you are a teenager, dealing with acne is just part of life. Yes it makes us look funny and can be really embarrassing, but we get through it because we know that everybody else is dealing with it too. As adults we are supposed to have grown out of the frequent breakouts of our puberty years. Even random and small breakouts can freak us out when we are grown up because we thought we were over all of that nonsense! Nothing makes us feel like kids again more than waking up to find that we’re sporting some new spots and bumps. It can hurt quite a lot to have a breakout when you are an adult. It does not matter what your age is, the tips in this article should help you out.

Keep your hair off of your face.

Hair follicles produce oil, which gets transferred to your hair and then your face if your hair is allowed to hang in your face. When you have long hair it has a way of falling in your face whether or not you want it to, which is how so many people end up with clogged pores, even as adults! We understand the appeal of long hair and bangs, but it is better to keep your hair off of your face. There are lots of ways to keep your hair off of your face and still be stylish: braids, ponytails, headbands, clips, etc. Your face and skin will be so happy!

Keep an eye on how much oil is contained in your beauty products and makeup. Sometimes even the cleanser you use on your face will have an oily base! Oily pores are the reason you are taking steps to clean your face! Take some time to read the ingredients of every facial product that you think you might purchase. Instead of purchasing liquid or lotion-like cosmetics and beauty products, choose ones that use powder. When you purchase a facial cleanser, choose one that is not lotion-y and is more liquid than solid. Exercise some caution and common sense when you shop!

Clean your face a minimum of two times each day. Things can deposit themselves onto our faces even while we sleep. It is not hard to put together a skin cleansing ritual for the morning and another for the evening. Your evening cleansing routine will be more involved than the routine you do in the mornings because you will be washing away all of the things that have clogged your pores during the day, but at the bare minimum your face should get cleansed each morning. Your face will thank you for it!

You can choose the best method of treating your acne. You might be able to use a simple mask made of natural ingredients while someone else might need something so strong they need a prescription from their doctor to use it. Some people find that treating acne is as easy as getting into a regular exercise routine and eating a natural and balanced diet. You might not find the perfect acne remedy right away so don’t be afraid to try different things. It shouldn’t take too long before you discover the acne remedy that works best for you. Keep trying and before you know it your skin will be acne free!

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