Skin Care Acne – Difference Between Adult Acne and Teen Acne

 Resultantly, a lot of teenagers are looking for skin care acne options. However, acne is not restricted to teenagers only. It is a different story that adult acne is not as widely known. If we speak in terms of figures, around 25% men and around 50% women today are facing acne which is a matter of concern for these people.

There are a number of theories about the possible causes of acne; however, none of them have been proven authentic yet. One of these theories suggests that stress is the chief cause of acne among teenagers as well as adults. Stress leads to bodily changes and temporarily alters the hormonal balance which becomes the cause of the skin abnormality.

The skin care acne solution and treatment programs of adult acne are similar to those of teen acne. However, since the causes are mostly unknown, prevention and care are not that easy which is why such a wide variety of different types of products are available in the market today.

Many people suggest that the cause behind acne among women is layers and layers of makeup they wear every day. The makeup mixes up with sweat and dirt and consequently damages the skin pigmentation. Often, you are able to identify the cause yourself if it is too obvious. For instance, if you just had a big fight with your spouse and are under a lot of stress while suddenly you see red zits appearing on your face, you can know that it is because of stress.

While doing skin care acne treatment, never use harsh soaps or intense cleansers because adult skin is far more prone to skin problems than younger skin. Just stick to the old mild cleaners and try to follow a skin care acne treatment program for teens, however, be a bit more cautious. Chemical treatments of acne usually cause the skin to become very dry and dehydrated, therefore, make sure that you keep it hydrated enough.

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