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Acne is a very common disease faced by a number of people around the world. The problem is widespread among teenagers who suffer mild acne problems due to a sudden increase in hormone levels during puberty. Acne can be cured by using various kinds of acne treatments depending supon the level of acne.

Acne Treatment refers to the removal of scaly red skin, blackheads, whiteheads, pinheads, pimples and large papules that is usually caused on the sebaceous glands due to acne. Cure can be obtained by different methods depending on the severity of condition one’s facing ranging from mild to extreme severe. Some popular ones are enlisted below:

• Washing one’s face twice a day and then patting it with a soft cloth is recommended by all dermatologists around the world as this prevents the “P.Acne” bacteria to settle on the skin. It is recommended to use products that contain Salicylic acid.

• Use of Benzoyl Peroxide: This treatment is recommended for people suffering from mild acne problems. Benzoyl Peroxide works against the “P.Acne” bacteria. This is considered to be as affective as an antibiotic and less harmful.

• Use of Azelaic Acid: This remedy is recommended for people suffering mild to moderate acne problems. Azeliac Acid is a form of cream/gel that is applied on the skin to kill acne bacteria and reduce inflammation. This type of acne treatment usually only works for acne that has been caused by bacteria.

• Use of Antibiotics:  This therapy is recommended for people suffering from moderate to severe acne problems. Some commonly used antibiotics are erythromycin, clindamycin, minocyclin, etc. However, use of these is not recommended without consulting a dermatologist.

• Isotretinoin: This is recommended for those who have deep cysts and antibiotics may not be enough. For acne that doesn’t respond to other treatments, Isotretinoin (Roaccutane, Accutane, Amnesteem, Sotret, Claravis, and Clarus) which is a powerful medication is used for scarring cystic acne. It is advised to avoid using this treatment without the consultation of a dermatologist. Only those suffering from extreme severe cases of acne are advised to undergo this type of acne treatment.

• The Laser and Light therapy: This therapy too, is recommended for people with severe conditions and for whom antibiotics are not enough. Cure is based on therapies that reach deep layers of the skin without harming the skin surface. They damage the sebaceous gland causing them to produce lesser oil. They also destroy “P.Acne” bacteria and lessen the scars on the skin by improving skin texture.

With rapid developments in science and technology newer and improved acne treatment techniques are coming up every day. Getting rid of this problem was once a dream for people but now most of the times the available methods show promising results. Varied products, medicines and techniques are available in the market. It is just important to avail the correct treatment depending on your skin type and severity of your condition, and you can restore your beauty again.

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