Remedies to acne

Acne is also known as pimples. They occur usually on the surface of the skin and are caused due to a very wide variety of reasons. Pollutants, harmful chemical particles, dust in the air can all potentially lead to this problem. Another reason that causes the outbreak of this disease is hormonal changes that are brought about in the body during the time of puberty.

These cases however, are common only with regard to teenagers. There is no need to worry though as a lot of solutions are available both online and even in the generic pharmacy sores for the purpose of treating this disorder. Even there are a lot of remedial methods that could be accessed right from the kitchen in your home without having the need to go anywhere else.


•A lot of people feel shy and depressed due to their looks being affects by the spots and inflammation that is caused by this condition.
•Many of these persons get depressed and become conscious of their appearance while they meet other people, especially strangers or new acquaintances.

•As a result, many of them even restrict themselves indoors and seem to take up a state of being introvert as they avoid meeting others as far as it is possible.


•Doctors will definitely be a very helpful answer to acne. They can prescribe you the necessary drugs and even suggest the required steps that must be taken in order to heal.
•For some others however, it might turn out to be a costly affair to make use of the facility. For these ones, the good news is that many of the food items that are used in everyday life can be used on the skin so as to treat it.

•The leftovers of certain fruits such as papaya, muskmelon, so on and so forth can be used very effectively to provide essential nutrients and thereby help it to regain and recover its health.


•The most vital thing to keep in mind is the consumption of water. The amount of it that is consumed in the course of the entire day must be increased and maintained every day.
•This will prove to assist you in keeping your bowels properly functioning and thus further help in keeping the digestive system clean and effective in carrying out its operations.

•Naturally, you will begin to find improvement and the effects will be very prominently and immediately visible.

Other measures

•Oily and fried foods should be avoided. The face must be provided protection with the use of a scarf or something as such with the motive of keeping it safe and protected from pollution when you go out.

•Chocolates too need to be kept away for some time.

•Instead of using liquids and moisturizers that contain various kinds of chemical that can be undesirable for your type of skin, it is advisable that you use soaps that are made out of herbs such sandalwood, Aloe Vera and so on.

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