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Acne is a downer. It can be attributed to stress, hormones, or just genetics, but the fact remains that acne is the last thing anyone wants to deal with. It can leave scars, takes forever to go away, and can come right back in full force if you aren’t properly taking care of your skin. Fortunately, the professional staff at BodyNew MedSpa understand that nobody wants acne on their face. While scheduling a consultation will give you a customized treatment plan, let’s take a look at some basic things to consider in regards to your Scottsdale acne treatment.

Daily Care

First things first: if you are not washing your face on a daily basis, start as soon as possible. Your skin produces natural oils throughout the day, and when that oil is combined with sweat, dead skin cells, and makeup or sunscreen, it can lead to an unsightly pimple in no time. Invest in a cleanser labeled “gentle” or “for sensitive skin” because these types of cleansers generally lack harsh ingredients that can irritate the skin and result in even more acne. Steer clear of products that are heavily fragranced or loaded with oils; though these products might work for some people, acne-prone skin tends to respond negatively to these types of ingredients because it can just clog your pores even more. Gently wash your face and pat it dry with a clean towel every morning and night.

For spot Scottsdale acne treatment, look for a benzoyl peroxide cream or gel to smooth over your skin twice a day; though 10% concentrations are popular, a 2.5% treatment has been clinically proven to work just as well and with less of the drying and flaking higher concentrations usually cause. Finally, a quality SPF moisturizer will go a long way in fighting the drying effects of benzoyl peroxide, but watch out – a number of moisturizing products are full of pore-clogging ingredients, so you should plan on talking to your esthetician at a quality medical spa to get a better idea of what products you should consider.

Keep in Mind

Changing your pillow cases every few days, using makeup labeled “noncomedogenic,” and trying to avoid touching your face throughout the day can go a long way in reducing your acne. Above all, patience is key; generally, a new Scottsdale acne treatment regimen will take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to start to take effect. You should plan on being consistent with your treatment plan so that you can reap its full effects.

Here at the BodyNew MedSpa

If you are interested in Scottsdale acne treatment, the certified staff at BodyNew MedSpa will make sure that you receive the best experience possible. Call (480) 464-8000 to schedule a consultation at one of the best medical spas in Arizona!

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