Mr X Acne Review

The author of this book suffered from acne in the past until he used this program. Now he has none, thus the name of the book is “Mr X Acne”. The book is short and easy to understand and the system is simple to implement. There are no rigorous or complicated diets to remember. This program may be a little too simple and ineffective for the more serious acne sufferer. It is effective for mild cases of acne though.

You are first informed about supplements and super food that stop acne. These are a must if you suffer from acne. The facts and effects of these supplements are also explained. Other supplements tell you what other supplements (vitamins) you should be taking. In diet modifications you are told what foods cause acne and why. A list of replacement foods is also given. Foods you should eat to get rid of acne are mentioned to.

A section is dedicated to candida, which explains symptoms and cause of candida. You are also shown how to test for and get rid of candida from your body. The true root of acne explains what causes acne. There is a section on what supplements to avoid as these cause your acne to become worse.

A very effective and cheap face wash remedy is described. This remedy is worth the price of the book alone as it is very effective at treating acne problems on your skin. It works as well as the expensive over the counter topical creams and potions. The final part of the book explains a fast way to clear up acne and how it woks.

This book is for people who do not want to go on any complicated or rigorous diets. The information may not be as comprehensive as some of the other books, but it is effective and worth the money spent.

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