Knowing About Acne

In the modern era, presentation plays a very important role.  A person may be a part of glamour world or business class, his presentation counts as much as his work. A presentable individual is always able to make a mark on others than that of the person who looks shabby. Thus it is primarily important for an individual to take care of appearance, especially the skin. One of the major concerns for the skin entails Acne.  

Acne and Pimples aren’t the same

Acne popularly known as pimples is considered as one of the most important skin problem that results in minimizing the charm of your personality. There is a mild difference between acne and pimples. Though acne and pimples both appear similar and normally occur during the adolescent age acne is considered as the severe condition while pimple is the milder condition. Both the conditions have a depressing effect on the patient as it blemishes the facial appearance of the person.

Prominent Reasons

There are several causes that causes for acne. One of the most prominent causes is hormonal change. In most cases when children reach adolescent stage, the percentage of androgens in males increases. This results in oil secretion by the sebaceous glands which results in acne. In girls normally the androgens are converted in to estrogens which cause acne. Boys are more prone to acne than girls. Acne can also be caused due to polycystic ovary syndrome, consumption of contraceptives, use of cosmetic products especially moisturizers and medications. 

Why does acne occur?

Acne normally appears on the face, back and chest. The signs normally include greasy skin and spots popularly known as blackheads or whiteheads. Those spots which are infected or inflamed become painful. One of the most efficient and simple remedies to get rid of the acne include wide range of anti-acne lotions and creams available in the market. However if the problem is extreme one can opt for advice by a dermatologist.

Is Acne problem that serious?

Acne, in its milder form does not require any special care; it clears up with time. This is normally the case of that acne which erupts in teenage. Some acne on the contrary is severe in nature and requires medical attention to clear up. Some of the most popular conditions for it are scarring, hyperpigmentation and psychological problems. Scarring is normally occurs when you squeeze your acne. The permanent spots of acne linger on your skin. Hyperpigmentation occurs when your skin affected by the acne becomes darker. This condition occurs to those who have darker skin tone. Psychological problem moreover deals with the low self esteem of the individual. Those suffering from pimples and acne have a low self esteem and lack of confidence.

Treating it

The treatment process moreover deals with three major actions. Initially prevent the formation of new spots, reduce inflammation of the present spots and prevent scaring. Some of the most popular treatment measures opted by the people include self treatment or home remedies, creams and lotions, oral antibiotics, oral retinoids, etc. One can opt for any of the treatment to cure the acne and retain the beautiful skin. In the process one must also be habituated with some good habits like drinking ample of water and eating healthy salads and leafy vegetables to stay away from the acne.

Acne is one of the major skin disorders that reduce self esteem of a person. Many remedies advised to get rid of it include bio oil, leafy vegetables and ample of water

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