IPL Laser Acne Treatment

Acne is usually an inevitable skin problem occurring during the adolescent period. This is one of the effects of hormonal changes. It is in this stage when the sebaceous glands grow larger and eventually develops obstruction. The most common and predominant type of acne that many people acquired is the P acne or the painful lesions. These are commonly visible on the chest, face, limbs, backs and other parts of the body.

Over the years, there has been not definite solution to this kind of problem. Diet was always to be blamed if blemishes become visible on the skin. Those propositions are somewhat true, but they don’t offer much of a solution. Speculations as to what caused acne can be heard from the mouths of the medical authorities. But they stop there, no solutions, no way to solve the problem. The introduction of the IPL Laser Acne Treatment shocked the world and put the people in awe; this is what they are waiting for, this is the solution. And due to its effects, testimonies about how good it is flooded the media; internet, radio, TV and papers. Everyone wants to know what it is that makes this treatment so effective.

ACNE TREATMENT: Intense Pulsed Light Laser

One of the most effective and excellent acne treatments is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) also known as laser treatment. IPL has succeeded in several clinical tests (of acne treatment). Because of its non-invasive quality, it does not require a doctor’s prescription. Moreover, IPL laser acne treatment is a recommended alternative to strong drugs like retinoic acid.

IPL Laser Acne Treatment Procedure

-IPL uses a series of light waves that helps in destroying bacteria and controlling the sebaceous gland’s secretion.

-A glycolic peel is also recommended before the laser treatment application. This helps a lot in removing and dead skin cells that may cause pustules ( bloodied pores ).

-The laser light then penetrates the skin

IPL Laser Beneficial Effects

An acne patient can benefit a lot form the IPL laser acne treatment. Common major beneficial effects are as follows:

-Improves skin texture

-Produces new collagen in the skin

-Reduces scouring appearance

-Reduces acne breakouts

-Quick and easy procedure

-No side effects

-No antibiotics needed

-Less pain and no downtime

Acne clearing treatment using IPL laser typically requires 10 treatments for over four weeks in order to get excellent results. Other popular alternative laser treatments include laser hair removal, laser red vein removal and laser skin rejuvenation.

For more details and inquiries regarding IPL Laser Acne Treatments, call your local IPL Laser Acne Treatment Clinic.

Paul writes for Chic Face & Body skin and laser clinic Ely Cambridgeshire who specialize in a range of laser treatments, most notably Laser acne treatments, Ely, Cambridgeshire.

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