Impact Of Acne

Suffering from acne can be a very lonely time, especially for those at school who get ridiculed about the way they look. At the time of life where it is especially crucial to fit in, how can you do that if you are covered in acne? It may not have any real effect on your general health, but can have a devastating impact on the acne sufferers’ mental health and can play havoc with their well being.

Younger sufferers in particular suffer a great lack of confidence and self esteem, it can make them avoid going to school, afraid to talk to people or even look at people because of their skin and the thought of getting laughed at, even the thought of going to the doctor is just too humiliating.  Acne can make teenage life a living nightmare, girls are more fortunate in that they can hide their acne to some degree by wearing make up, boys do not have it quite so easy. How we look effects how we feel and unfortunately our appearance also denotes how other people treat us too. Ignorance plays a part in the teasing because many young and mis-informed people consider acne sufferers to be un-clean and ‘dirty’ but in actual fact, the person with spots could take great care of their skin but unfortunately if you are predisposed to suffer from acne, you will suffer from it no matter what.

As sufferers get older they hopefully realise that acne is a part of life for most people and that most people will had or will have experience it, they now understand that you will in most cases, grow out of it and that you will not be left with these pimples forever. It is likely as you grow up you will be more likely to seek help which means there is a good chance you can get your acne under control. With this in mind it is important to let younger sufferers know that they are not alone and that there is help available and that it is temporary. While you may go through your schooldays spotty, you can lose the spots, there are many attributes about a person you can’t change!

And there are those people who were plagued with acne as a child and still have it as an adult. This can be just as debilitating and if your acne is especially severe it can stop you wanting to pursue relationships as you are convinced any man or woman would be totally repulsed by the sight of your acne and would not want to go anywhere near you let alone date you. People like that are in the minority but it does not stop an acne sufferer feeling worthless, ugly and having extremely low self-esteem that can have a marked effect on other aspects of their lives including work.

Again, this can be rectified, not just by medication but also by realising it is what’s inside that counts and that if you are happy and content with whom you are, no one will even notice your spots.

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