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Every woman loves to apply makeup. However those who are always prone to acne and breakouts find it almost impossible to imagine themselves putting makeup.

It is very common to think that makeup will further aggravate acne and even worsen the situation. Acne is a very common condition that affects majority of women of every age group. But that does not mean that these women will keep away from applying makeup at various occasions.

Makeup is needed to cover the blemishes that are left behind by acne and pimples and it helps to cover existing pimples also. Therefore makeup has to be chosen with great care when it comes to acne prone skin.

If proper products are used they will not only help to enhance a woman’s beauty but also fight acne. Choose only such makeup products which are oil free and non-comedogenic. One should always check for these labels on the makeup products before buying them.

It is a good option to use mineral makeup as they are absolutely natural and are made from the minerals of the earth’s resources. They also contain zinc oxide which helps in combating acne.

Before beginning the makeup it is customary to clean the face thoroughly. Use a face wash that contains benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. This helps to deep cleanse the face and also control acne. Take some astringent in a clean cotton ball and gently wipe your face with it. This will help to clean off the extra oil and make the face look refreshing.

Now comes the most important part of applying the base makeup. Take a concealer and apply it with a clean brush on the acne and red spots on the skin. Now take an oil free foundation and apply on the face and neck to achieve an even skin tone. Apply an oil free loose powder to control shine and set your makeup.

Apply little amount of powder blush on the cheeks. Avoid the cream blushes as they are heavy and can easily block pores. Avoid eye shadows with shimmer as they contain ingredients like mica that are comedogenic. Do not use dark shades as the dark pigments have harsh chemicals.

Lip gloss or other moisture enriched lipsticks are greasy and therefore not suitable. Opt for matte finish lipsticks instead.

Hair Removal tips

Beauty Tips in Urdu

Make money online

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