Hormonal Acne Treatment

Nobody ever wants to have acne, considering that it often poses as an eyesore. Aside from that, the feeling of something itching on the face is simply annoying. In fact, many job applicants lose the opportunity to work, even if they are brilliant candidates, simply because they have acne on their faces.

Many experts believe that to be able to get rid of acne, treatment and acne management should focus on the eradication of the causative and contributing factors. Let’s say for example, stress. Stress can contribute to acne formation too. So if stress causes one to have acne that person is advised to relax, sleep at least eight hours a day and do stress reduction activities.

Oral contraceptives found to be most beneficial as a hormone acne treatment are those containing both estrogen and a progestin. If you’re considering the use of an oral contraceptive be sure to consult your physician or dermatologist to find the pill that’s right for you.

Anti-androgens are another type of hormonal acne treatment- this controls the production of the hormone androgen in the body, as well as the oil. Using of anti-androgens will make the skin smooth and is no longer very oily, diminishing the chances of clogging up the pores that cause acne.

They ignore the fact that the root cause of this hormonal imbalance can be traced to diet, lifestyle choices and emotional health (stress levels and whether you have an optimistic or positive attitude towards life). For example, studies now show that up to 70% of adult acne cases have emotional triggers, and that most skin conditions respond well to stress management and relaxation techniques.

Other acne cure treatment for hormonal acne includes the use of lemon juice and rose water. The lemon juice and rose water mixture can help cure affected areas. Moreover, one can also try putting minced fresh garlic on the affected area. Garlic has antibacterial properties that can help fight against the formation of pimples or acne.

By using a hormonal acne treatment it will help to basically deal with their hormones which are causing the balance to tip a bit, it will help to reduce the oil levels on your skin. You still need to ensure that the skin oil glands can continue to produce oil mainly because it is critical to the healthiness of the skin.

Dealing with acne can be hard, but as long as you are aware of the best hormonal acne treatment solutions out there, you can feel confident and safe in your battle against pimples.

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