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Your skin is your largest organ, and makes it much more than simply avoid spilling everywhere. Skin cells are constantly replaced, so a trip from the inner edge of the epidermis (outer layer of skin) to the outside of your skin. As skin cells age and approach the skin surface, flatten the cells die. Once on the surface, joins a host of other dead skin cells and forms a protective layer that helps protect against bacteria and viruses.

There are plenty of home remedies for acne, and some are more effective than others. The following list shows some of the most common you can try. Note that each person is different and these methods may or may not help your situation. Eating a healthy diet rich in vitamins can only help the process.
1. Regular toothpaste is recommended to reduce swelling and spots you pimples. This is easy to prove, just put toothpaste on your skin before going to bed and see if it has made a difference in the morning. It is better to try this for yourself in a small area of your face rather than treating the entire face in one night, and it will be easier to see if the real difference has been made.
2. A blend of roses and lemon water can sometimes help reduce the inflammation of acne. Put the mixture (one part each of pink and lime) on your face and rinse after half an hour. Try to do this regularly to see if makes a difference.

3. Orange peel is another common. After soaking it is mixed with water before putting it in his face. Once again, this regualarly for maximum benefit.
4. Garlic is another treatment often passed around for acne, although not the most comfortable! If you can stand the smell, then try to apply it to the acne area regulaarly to help reduce the swelling of the grains.

Again, these methods do not work for everyone though seem to have worked for people in the past, so it may be worth giving a go if your doctor says it’s recommended. Always get clearance from your doctor before attempting any home remedies for acne just to be on the safe side – I will not make the situation worse!

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