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Acne is an inflammmation of the sebaceous glands. In general, lesions are located in the face, neck, chest and shoulders. Acne usually occurs in adolescence, because of hormonal changes in the period. It is both as well, nearly 6 out of 10 young people from the twelve and twenty four years experience in some acne.

However, you can also occur in women who ingest contraception and in the middle age related, rather. with the standardization of the bowel function. Here are some traditional remedies, home-made and very popular used for acne of which i mention the following:


Cut a carrot to regulate size and then kitchen with the little water as possible. Then pureed and leave it cool to expand on the affected areas of about 20 minutes.
Implementation of many times a day, the flesh of the Aloe Vera Aloe on the grains of acne.  
Squeeze a lemon juice and this is drawn from one or two drops that should be placed on the direct or the grain. This action can be realized only at night, because of day the lemon juice may stain cutis. 
In the adult cases for people with constipation recommended fight this evil, this way disappears then acne. In this sense, recommend afternoon tea of salvia three times a day and effect purify. 
Rubbing raw garlic various times of the day on the area of the face where is located acne. Garlic, furthermore, aid to remove the skin of blackspots. 
The baths of Plantago lanceolata L. .it must to seek a handful of these sheets which should be cooked in a 1 litre of water for 5 minutes. The last time, slips el cocimiento and adds to the bath water. 
Soak a swab or bastoncito cotton on alcohol and apply directly on the grain of acne. Alcohol has strong action desiccant in order to help to remove the grain, but you should use only once a day. 
Soak for 12 hours a spoonful of the roots of dandelions in 1/4 litre of water. Boil, slips and drink a sips en ayunas.
To apply, in the morning and in the night, on the area gauze moistened in the own urine or small child.
Peel a pepino and then grating or sever slices unfurls very fine and rum. Apply to the areas affected by 20 minutes.
Mix 1/2 cup of milk and three tablespoons of oats, batir until it thickens; enfríela prior to apply to the face of 15 minutes.
Apply a pastry made of baking soda intermingled with vinegar diluted apple cider, and after completing a rinse with clean water.
Mix 7 drops essences of the tea tree, 7 scoop of palo rosa and 5 scoop of lavender & go with a gauze this mix previously on the skin clean with a soap-neutral color and without aroma. Perform this action 2 to 4 times a day on the grains of acne.
Place 1 tablespoon of leaves or root comfrey in a cup of water that is boiling. Cap and leave for 5 minutes. Colar y tomar 3 cups per day. The comfrey contains alantoína which is given the healing power of property to eliminate many skin diseases.
Wash your face before they go to sleep and implementation of course on the shins a bit of toothpaste. Left in place at night and wash the morning after the face to remove the waste of the pulp.
Combine 50/50 burdock root with zarzaparrilla, crust . and root of dandelion. Then, place 1 scoop of the mix 1 glass of water. Boiling 5 minutes and leave 10 at rest. Take a cup of the day.
Pelar a orange and leave the skin maceration any one day in water. In the night, scratching the skin and mix with 2 tablespoons yogurt natural and 2 tablespoons oatmeal up to obtain an pasta homogeneous. Applying, mask mode on the face of 15 minutes. Perform this mask 2 times a week.
Pour in a cup of water that is boiling 2 tablespoons of basil leaves dry. Stopper, allow to cool and strain. Wash your face with this infusion especially areas with acne.


Some health tips for those who have acne:

No and peel. People with acne should not and peel because irritarían even more the skin of the face.
Be careful with the products greasy If you have the skin to acne avoid moisturizers thick and the cleaners at the oil If you have questions about the compound, there must be the bottle of the moisturizer or the cleaner on the counter. If you have a separation, is made in water. If, on the other hand, is the same as, it has a database of oil. Another simple test that can be done to determine how it is the oily cosmetic, is to rub a little bit of cosmetics in one sheet white bonos commonly used in the offices. It is expected 24 hours and can then be an oily mancha. The bigger la mancha oil contains makeup.
Prefer the vanity dust you prefer the coloretes powder and dusts loose. Makeup for your eyes and lipsticks show no problem because they are generally acne does not affect these areas.
Have a diet with fruits and vegetables avoid greasy food and chocolates and, in its place, you must change to a diet in which includes raw food, especially fresh fruit and vegetable seeds and at evry whole grain.
The saunas facial. People with acne you can make saunas facial. To do this must be filled the head with a towel and lean on one bowl of infusion steaming in the mix of purple or red clover, lavender and leaves of strawberry.

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