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Oh boy look another Zit!  Does the humiliation and embarrassment ever end ?  It’s a fact that 85% of us have skin conditions that we have to go through. At times it can be very minor and at other times or for other people can be very severe. There are methods like using shiva 23 to end acne forever. A lot can depend on your genes and type of skin texture.

There’s no need to be angry with the people that never get a blemish or a single zit. Although this may upset you, you need to concentrate on how to end acne forever by preventing it from starting deep in the epidermis where it begins to fester long before you see the acne condition on the surface layer of skin.

This is the right method to end acne forever is by prevention rather than battling with dozens of whiteheads and blackheads growing on your face. You need to destroy the bacteria under the skin surface and to properly cleanse to keep the surface condition under control.

To get started there are several steps that everyone affected by acne should make a habit out of to end acne forever.

Are you ready?

A good place to start is what is does your eating habits cover are you eating a balance diet or are you guilty of a bad diet. A good balanced diet is important to beat acne from the inside. What you consume does affect your complexion so back away from those greasy, fried foods, french fries not good. Foods that have high sugar content so avoid fast food and dairy products too can have a bad effect on your complexion

 Eat a diet with plenty of fresh vegetables, lean meat, whole grains and plenty of water, plenty of water because it is important to be hydrated.

Your next step is proper cleansing and maintenance of your skin. You need to wash your face morning and night with a product that is specially designed to kill the bacteria that is deep in the skin. A system that is three step process. A cleanser, a scrub and a treatment like shiva 23 to end acne forever.

A product that uses a modern ingredient called Peptomimetic a peptide that was discovered by a bio chemist Dr. Jesse Jaynes and designed to kill the acne bacteria deep in the skin before it reaches the surface.

So watch your diet, the cosmetics you use should be water base and try Peptomimetic based product Shiva 23 to end acne forever.

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