Cystic Acne Remedies

Acne cyst is a serious situation and does require medical attention, with proper medications to be treated with. Though medications always cause dryness and also could cause potential harm in the body, you can opt instead to go natural and use age old remedies that have been known to heal cystic acne. These remedies are harmless and are very easy to use. This would also help you overcome the painful situation in a holistic way, which would also be cost effective with no side effects.
Apple Cider

Apple cider vinegar has strong anti-bacterial property that could kill the bacteria on the cyst and help stabilize the pH balance of the skin. It does not have any side effects of dryness or whatsoever issue. The healing quality of this product helps you overcome acne naturally and quickly.
Baking Soda

This is helpful in removing excessive oil and keeps the face oil free. However, for dry skin people, this solution should be used only with proper consultation. Mix baking soda with water, add in a pinch of sea salt and make a paste. Apply it on the affected cyst for overnight and wash it off in the morning. You will see an inflamed cyst loosing its intensity.
Honey and Aspirin

Exfoliating the skin can be very beneficial as it removes dead skin cell that tends to cause the infections. Use a paste of water and aspirin and apply it on for an hour. Rinse off and then moisturize the face with honey, which would help the face from drying off and also work as an anti-bacterial agent.

The aloevera gel has strong healing properties and is mostly recommended for facial beauty. It has been around for centuries and has proved to be an effective fighter of common as well as cystic acne.

A paste made out of mango, lemon and water can keep your face clear and free from acne. You can also add in neem and turmeric for a better affect.
Besides all this, cleanliness and washing of face with water and a mild cleanser is very important. All makeup should be washed off before sleeping and keep bedding’s neat and tidy. At all cost avoid squeezing and picking the cysts.

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