Cure Acne Naturally

Let’s face it we all aspire to be beautiful. We all want beautiful hair, bodies, cars, houses and especially faces. Your face is what people look at most. Acne is not pretty. No one wants to have it or look at it.

People say it’s what’s on the inside that counts and that is true but when you have acne you become conscious of the fact that what’s on the outside counts as well.

With the advancements in medicine there are various medications on the market to help clear up acne. Even though these medications are tested they still come with side effects. Many people suffer serious side effects from these medications.

The good news is you can cure acne naturally without spending your hard earned money on expensive medications or even plastic surgery techniques. I know how acne can ruin a person’s self image and the desperate measures some will subject themselves to in order to eliminate it.

First, realize we are all very different. That is why some have very bad acne while others have none. We must accept who we are and react in response to what our body is telling us.

Acne is a sign our body is not efficiently removing toxins so we must respond and help our body to do just that. We are what we eat, garbage in garbage out. The most import thing we can do to help detoxify our bodies and cure acne naturally is to:

drink 8 glasses of water a day

Here is a list of things to help you detoxify your body and cure acne naturally

• Take a good multi vitamin

• Eat foods rich in Zinc-Oysters, shellfish, all bran cereal, pine nuts, pecans, eggs, fish, Parmesan cheese etc… Zinc fights bacteria helping to eliminate acne

• Eat Carrots-Carrots are rich in vitamin A a powerful antioxidant

Some good foods to eat:

• Green Vegetables

• Celery

• Onions

• Fruit

• Vegetable Juice

• Broccoli

Foods to Avoid

• Sugar

• Fried foods

• Processed or refined foods

• Caffeinated drinks

These are a few examples of foods to eat or avoid. There are many more foods that are both helpful and harmful regarding the detoxification process. As I mentioned earlier we are all very different so we can adjust our diet until our body reacts the way we want naturally. Some may require a more strict diet while others may require a more subtle adjustment to reach their goal.

Proper exercise will also help with the detoxification process. Yoga or good stretching exercises will help toxins exit the body. Exercise in general increases blood flow throughout the body and sends needed nutrients to your skin. So incorporating exercise along with diet will help you cure acne naturally.

Relaxation and Message Therapy

Stress is another factor that can cause acne. Learning to control stress can help reduce the level of the hormone cortisol, and thereby reduce the severity of acne breakouts. Practicing relaxation methods can do wonders in helping you cope or even prevent stress before it happens. Learning to relax more will not only help cure acne naturally, but will also help with a whole host of other health related issues.

Take time out of your busy day to just chill out. Find a nice comfortable place to sit. Make sure you have good posture to help with breathing. Listen to your iPod or watch a TV program. During this time take deep breaths and release them over 5 seconds. Do this 5 times, 5 times a day, 5 days a week. Do not underestimate the power of breathing and relaxation techniques.

Message therapy is another great way to relax and help your body eliminate toxins.

Acne can be a very frustrating problem but you don’t have to let it control your life. With changes to your diet adding exercise and learning good relaxation techniques you can cure acne naturally.

Fastest And Easiest Way To Cure Acne Naturally

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