Coping With Acne

Acne may vanish from face but an emotional effect it leaves by is more difficult to overcome. Acne and Acne scars may be removed with the help of creams and lotions but the emotional scars which it leaves by is very difficult to heal. Doctors and skin care experts may suggest you the best Acne scar removal treatments but none of them could be helpful to get rid of emotional scars.

Acne is common skin problem faced by teenagers around the world. The emotional pain brought by those red bumps is very difficult to tackle. According to a study conducted by leading experts teenagers with Acne scars are often driven to the pangs of depression fearing the social impact. They are most of the times left to fear the marks of shame, depression and even self-pity. So if you have a teenager son or daughter at home who is reeling under the fear of social impacts brought by acne scars then think: What could you do? How you can help your ward?

1. It is necessary to remind your child that acne is that temporary visitor on face.

As a guardian, you need to comfort your child who is borged down by the fear of facing social criticisms. Your child needs to be reminded that Acne and scars are only going to be there temporarily. Make them understand that others comments and hurting words are of no importance just to concentrate on their daily routines.

2. Take your child to a good skin care expert

If lotions or other methods of commonly available treatments fail to bring desired effect to your child’s acne problem then don’t wait for it to get worse. Try to approach a good skin care expert who can dig into reason behind the occurrence of the acne. Help and support is needed to be given to your child to follow the treatment methods prescribed by the skin care expert.

3. Restrict your child from doing any wrong things

Instead of being getting strict with your child on their acts to remove acne try to explain them how badly they will suffer if something goes wrong. Explain the cause and effect of acne problems which may get worse with wrong decisions on your child’s part.

4. Always Boost your teen’s self-confidence

Self-confidence crashes when there arises mocks and teases for those red bumps on face. So always be there to boost the self esteem of your child. Give them a confidence that face only counts for part of any ones personality it’s the brains behind it that really matters. So it’s not impossible to achieve a clear and flowing skin.

Along with leading your child to judge the accurate treatment for Acne scars you are also responsible to erase the emotional scars.

Coping with acne

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