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Once known as teenagers signature acne is now recognized as a condition affecting us regardless of age, sex, race as our lifestyle evolved changing the frequency and hardness of the acne causing factors on us.

According with scientific studies more than 50% of adult women suffer from varies forms of acne! Blackheads, whiteheads, cysts all prove that acne is a serious condition.
Teenagers get acne because of genetic factors making them prone to the disease. But with adults things get a little different. Sure, genetics play an important role but that may not be all. Hormonal changes are not to e ignored.

A bigger and bigger impact though has the changes in our lifestyle! Stress, pollution, processed food, new medication; all these are become more and more important when talking about acne today.

Physiological changes in the female body trigger hormonal changes its true. The menstrual cycle or the menopause is an easy explanation for the bigger acne sufferer percentage among women vs. men. Statistically only 45% of men have acne problems compared with the 5% women we mentioned before.

For adults acne starts with skin’s exfoliation. The exposed skin layer sheds the dead cells. In the meantime the sebum produced by skin should be released through skin’s pores. When the pores get clogged with the skin debris the oil gets trapped inside a pore create an ideal environment for acne bacteria.

A common form of acne both men and women are affected by is chest acne but the most common one is facial acne. The reason is that the face is the most exposed to external factors such as pollution. However, as we mentioned before, internal factors (medication, nutrition, genetics, hormones) combined with perspiration (here is how clothing, another lifestyle component comes in play!!). To avoid enhancing these acne inducing conditions is best to favor fabrics the skin would be able to breathe through like cotton.

If fashion is your weakness another effective way to avoid acne is to use the exceptional body wash lotions available through ClearPores System. Used in the morning and at night it will stop body acne breakouts. The best results are achieved when combining the use of the lotion with ClearPores pills (also available through the ClearPores system) for internal acne control.

Acne treatments
Acne treatment starts with a healthy body.

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