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Besides on your face, acne could also develop on anywhere of your body like on the neck, chest, shoulder or back. Body acne is a genetic infection of the skin, just like acne on the face.  Our body is constantly in touch with foreign materials so it should not come as a surprise if at some points in our live we have acne.

Many people will have a lot of panic situation when they develop acne in parts other than the face. However, you don’t have to be like this, I know it could be very annoying to have those ugly red bumps all over the body, they won’ last and  simple acne body wash can help. Take regular shower, keep changing your clothes regularly, maintain healthy lifestyle and hygiene and drink plenty of water will actually reduce the alert levels of your conditions.

In the process of body acne treatment, natural treatments are also a viable option; you can start to use acne home remedies. They tend to fight acne from the root; from the inside of you. Changing your diet is one of the most recommended natural treatments. Consuming foods that high in sugars, fats and oils can affect your hormonal balance. As we all know that, hormonal imbalance is one of the most common factors that cause acne to breakouts.


You can make topical oil that will include the mixing of tea tree oil, calendula oil, olive oil and almond oil. You can apply this solution to the affected area after you have a shower. Applying 10% alpha hydroxy acid which contains licochalcone to the affected area is an acne body treatment with positive results, after you washing the whole of your body and then leaves it dry.


You should gently wash your skin if you have acne, at least twice a day, in the morning and evening, especially after exercise. Never use strong soap; otherwise this will only worsen the situation. You must use soap that is specially designed for acne skin. You may ask your doctor about the best type of soap that is the best for you.

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