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Adult, the acne is the best test to prove your daily life, this time to give it to debug some of my habits and processes of conservation. Of course, against the naughty stuff you may also be overnight, or a moment before she was found. It is an unexpected uplift the face of it, we are to find yourself a weapon against it, or to the professional beauty salon and hospital dermatology it? Different situations, different war, “pox” Raiders, targeted to make you not be troubled by them.

“Immediate” the hidden chapter

Night, we should go to a party, tomorrow, there is an interview. Coincidentally at that critical moment, hate the acne is a “hair spring How many pieces,” a tendency to secretly take out. It is imperative that these acne at all “moments” disappeared. If the approach taken to squeeze

inevitably leave red marks on important occasions tarnish. Wise you may wish to Quxianjiuguo a “cover up” approach. Observe carefully, you will find acne will be divided into two kinds of red and yellowish, so it is necessary to use different colors Concealer color. Big red acne is generally more prominent and the focus is to weaken the edges, brush with a thin layer of green Concealer, make instant changes for Asian skin acne, the skin of stealth. To deal with acne yellow color, the best election purple Concealer, a very soft small brush dipped in a little Concealer, gently sweep the past. Must be thin, if the thickness of the acne will become prominent, even more striking from a distance. Cover pock other more serious defects, you must use opacity of butter-like texture of the product, and finally painted on a layer of powder to cover more natural.

Evaluation: emergency, occasionally used, it is quite upset. Although the “immediate”, but a temporary solution method is not a permanent solution.

Recommendation Index: “Extermination” of the eradication of articles

While we can emergency acne, but after all only an expedient measure. Not fundamentally eliminate hidden dangers, then, acne may come back at any time. “Extermination” type acne, and reflected the delicate beauty of a serious attitude. Wash the face first with warm water, then carefully observed, select the destination, we must choose that which has been “rough”, ready for mature acne! Then, using a sterile cotton swab, small power burst pustule, which guide the transparent yellow liquid with a cotton pad dampened with a total outflow of anti-inflammatory drugs after 5 minutes for sterilization apply. Able to do so, I suggest you re-Rubbing a Mask, so red and swollen skin completely cooldown. Also important to note that, squeeze two or three days after the completion acne may have a swelling phenomenon, Orally taken terbinafine combined in time and avoid make-up. Out during the day can function with some medicinal ointment to cover smallpox isolation dirty air contact with the acne. Regular weekday eliminate the root causes of keratinocytes would be a good way to prevent acne. Remove dead skin pores waste, can enhance the promotion of cell metabolism, to avoid the accumulation of horny old waste, block hair follicles mouth, triggering the growth of bacteria caused by acne.

Evaluation: squeeze acne is full of risks, so do not strongly advocate this approach. Because, overexertion, or bacterial infection caused unclean utensils or even self-defeating, pock pit on. “Extermination” of course good, pays careful attention to assessment of the “force.”

Recommendation Index: “Progressive” chapter of life

Emergency acne, or completely acne, are later remedial measures. Trace the causes of acne, rest and stress disorders caused by endocrine disorders are a very important. An active and healthy life, and let you prevent acne in the first place.

More fresh, less spicy. The hot weather coupled with spicy greasy things, pincer attack from both inside and outside under the acne is much easier to come out. Too oil, spicy or sugary foods such as peanuts, longan, litchi, mango, try to eat less. Drink plenty of water, eat more vegetables and fruits, you can speed up the body’s metabolism, the ability to promote cell detoxification.

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